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  1. Been keeping track of this thread....and seems like all thoose who think estimates should be FREE should go learn the trade then go into business and then report back on how much time was invested and how much money was spent for FREE estimates and also how much FAMILY time was sacrificed because the potential customer can only meet you on the weekend or after they get off work or do not show up at all...or your the fifth estimate and I"ll get back to you....charge for estimate then if awarded the job, credit that amount back to the job...thoose are terms that both partys should be able to agree on.
  2. Used to be Minnesota State Board of Electricity, was incorporated into the DLI in 2005 ( was suppost to make it easyer as a one stop place to abtain permits....yaw ok ) heres there link if you want more information...www.doli.state.mn.us Construction Codes and Licensing The State Construction Code and Licensing units are now consolidated and located at the Department of Labor and Industry. Boilers, High-pressure Piping, Boats-for-hire Boards Building Codes and Standards Contact us Manufactured Structures Licensing Electrical: Licensing and Inspection License lookup (verify an existing license) Plumbing Plan Review and Inspection Unlicensed individual (electrical, elevator, power limited) Residential Building Contractors Rulemaking activities of CCLD and fire marshal Enforcement actions and complaints CCLD Review newsletter hope this answers your question.
  3. Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry usually has Jurisdiction and not the county. You mite have been miss informed.
  4. and you will also need to file a electrical permit
  5. Front cover......Great....easy to understand....any info shared that helps others can only be welcomed
  6. unfrozen I found some lead at Gander, comes in a roll and is about 1/4" diameter, think I paid $4.00 or $5.00 bucks, but so far haven't needed to use any.
  7. Looks real clean. The real seat must have been a little hairy. Have you tryed the spade bits w/centering arbor? Just wondering how that would work for the bark, used them on cork and wood sure saves time.
  8. Yup, this could be kicked back and forth that's why I put IMO. I also have fished with both and prefer cork.
  9. Cork will give you a better grip than the wood when wet and also feels warmer when air temp starts to get cold, and is easy to clean up. As far as sensitivity goes....line type/rod blank/guide set up/reel seat/handle set up (split grip/no fore grip or short fore grip with cut out) IMO.
  10. FXD135er thanks for the compliment agates, sorry I keep locations quiet as it's gotten harder to find places to go or get permission from land owners, but what I could suggest is to look for a tilled field that looks like it mite have agates and ask for permission, the fewer the people the better your chances of getting on, Good Luck and remember to Thank them.
  11. what upnorth said....hobbiest....don't want it to be a >JOB< Only been building since 96, and still learning
  12. DinkADunk....GREAT Looking Inlay. What did you use for winding check?? Looks like nickle/silver but can't make out in pic.
  13. Will be building a surf rod this summer after I get moved to Florida.
  14. Custom: Handle looks GREAT, man that Burl sure is tuff to sand. Yes took one of his classes in late 90's, great person and teacher, not sure if he still does classes though but will check. See your around GR, I've got a place by Talmoon but haven't used much last couple years so up for sale. See you went to High Point, I keep trying but haven't had my priorities inorder. (self employed 22yrs. but know retiring) How was the clean up with that new epoxy?You making that one for yourself? What colors did you or are going to wrap it with? I twisted a SC V couple years back and really like the feel, see if i can post pics later. Crazyice: Like that Birds Eye, one of these days going to get lathe (have some old growth maple, birch, white pine and ash) that would make some nice handles. How are you setting the guides up for that rod? (Spiral wrap or conventional)
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