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  1. I bought a Bowtech Tomkat and was a newbie like you this Christmas. It cost about $550 with tax and I really like it. It was fairly easy to get started shooting. I had the shop give me a run down(lesson) on how to shoot and make adjustments on the bow. I love it and will be going javelena hunting soon. I would suggest the Tomkat to anyone, great starter package.
  2. I have used the light colored lima beans, buy two bags and it covers the hole. Used them at LOW when there water is dirty and works great.
  3. Thanks for the info. fellas, keep it coming. The reason I think I might buy one that is a little more expensive than a true "beginner bow". The fact that I know I will enjoy archery and also would like it to last longer than a cheaper bow.
  4. Made In America Accessories Quiver Hostage Arrow Rest Sling Fiber Optic Sight Peep Sight VibraBlocks Hush Kit The are the accessories for the bow. If the brace height is 8.5", is that bad, good or doesn't really matter. I am rookie and have heard brace height can be a big deal??
  5. I posted a little while ago that I was looking to get a bow for X-mas. I think I found one and was wondering if anyone has used this bow before, it is a Bowtech-Tomkat?? If anyone has could you please post your review of this bow? The price was $529 with the package. Is this to much for a beginer to spend on a bow?? Any help is greatly appeciated. Thanks
  6. I think if you are going to use them you need to be surrounded by real weeds. I think if you were to add these weeds to the edge to create more of a weedline that might allow you to set up deeper, I think it works. But to put them in your hole and you aren't seeing any other weeds in your hole, than I don't think idea would work.
  7. I think anytime you are targeting larger pike you need to go with a traditional red and white, it has got some decent ones with that decoy.
  8. Thanks fellas for your help, I am going to be doing some serious looking when I get back to MN!! Slow jigger you have mail
  9. Has anyone been to the LOW to jabb this year?? Would love to hear a report of water clarity!!
  10. Harvey, Is there a good HSOforum to look at used bows? I actually live down in Bullhead City, AZ and there aren't to many/any places to buy used bows. I am going to be home for x-mas, the St. Cloud area to look around.
  11. I am going to be getting a bow for x-mas and I have a few questions. I am looking to get a bow in the 300-500 price range. I am wondering what would be a good bow that fits the range?? This is my fist bow and will be using it for Elk/deer hunting.
  12. When I was at the LOW and jabbed a 29" and it seemed just tiny. I thought thing would have been 24" when I pulled it up, all you see is fish from 33-38" all day. It is the best place to spear. When you see a 40"+ you know it!!!
  13. I would use the traditional red and white decoy. I have speared LOW many of times and that seems to work the best. the water is pretty dirty so you might need to bring some things that will brighten up the hole. We have speared some monsters out of there and it is a blast. This time of year don't be surprised to see 10-20 fish that are in the slot, it is amazing. I know some people perfer to spear and not worry about the slot. Well I would take one fish over 40 and see 20 fish in the slot, that is the best aquarium you will ever watch.....Two years ago a guy nailed a 48" and that thing had to be pushing 25-27lbs.
  14. My dad's group of 8 jabbed 21 total in the two days. Most of them eaters with the biggest being 34".
  15. Meat-Run you can spear leech lake. There are quite a few spots we have speared nice pike in. Just hit one of the bays and you should be alright!!
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