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  1. Ditto, I live even closer to Devils Lake and grew up there, so I know the lake well. I'd still go to LOW (and I'm biased towards Devils). In fact, I'm leaving for the NW angle in less than 48 hours.
  2. Heard some great reports of perch action going on this week.
  3. I grew up near Devils Lake and have spent a ton of time ice fishing there. My largest is a 15.5" perch (6 years ago), since I cared about those things anyways. We likely had some more in that range when I was a little kid in the 80s and measured success in buckets, while fishing stick rods with my Dad In summary, you did VERY well - those are once in a lifetime perch. As a guy that's fished that lake a lot, I regret not mounting that 15.5" perch (it was skinny, and only 1.75 pounds), as I don't know if I'll ever get another that size.
  4. I dropped a razor into the toilet over a year ago - one thing I did, and a friend of mine did, that I haven't seen mentioned is to freeze-dry it. Put it in the freezer, not heat, then pull it out the next day and let it sit for another day. It worked fine (until I dropped it down the hole last weekend at URL). It didn't have a leather case, I didn't have a magnet, etc... so I didn't even try to get it out. I'll be buying a replacement online.
  5. Jason Mitchell has sleepers now on Devils Lake, but I'd go to LOW anyways.
  6. deadstick


    I caught a 15.5" perch that only weighed 1.5 pounds - thought for sure it would go 1.75 at least. When I get a 2-pounder, it'll go on the wall. Depends on the lake though, I suppose - a 13" perch on some lakes is harder to find than a 15" on others. I fish mosly Devils Lake and LOW for perch. If it's going to be extremely hard to get another perch that large in your lifetime, I'd go for it. Not everyone fishes areas with true jumbos. I'm impressed by an 8 pound walleye, some guys only mount tens, some twelves.
  7. Upper Red Lake, MN (not 40 here, but 20s is a heckuva lot nicer than it's been) - I sure hope the fishing is good
  8. Here's the link (with video) of the DL Doctor house move in 1998. http://www.kare11.com/news/news_article.aspx?storyid=529360
  9. It's been done before on Devils Lake, ND when the water came up (FYI, Devils Lake has more than doubled in size the past 10 years). One of the houses was a Doctor's and was HUGE (and 2 stories). They cleared the snow off a very wide road all winter to keep the snow from insulating it. I talked to a guy what was out there when they did it, said you could see the "ripple" on the ice, almost like a wave of water. It was successful and now sits on a farm about 30 miles from the lake.
  10. deadstick

    Whip tails?

    never heard of that one, google "Ratso" jigs or "Rat Finkee" jig, they have a soft plastic tail on them and are probably similar.
  11. I ditto what Northlander says about combos. Out of all my rods (20+) I like my Rapala 2nd best. You really gotta match the action to your lure, and if you're fishing a big buckshot, jigging rap, or chubby darter - you really need a fairly stiff rod to properly jig it and maintain sensitivity. Pretty much every ice angler uses buckshots (or Rattl'rs or some rattling type spoon that's relatively heavy) nowadays. FIY, my favorite rod was bought at a bait shop somewhere and I can't find them anymore - goes to show that Cabela's and Gander don't carry "everything". You can often find good reels in the bargain cave at Cabela's (people get the small reels for gifts and return them to get bigger ones). I also really like some of my Scheels rods (not sure who makes them for Scheels), but they were quite a bit more than $10, and I really like a rod called a Grizzly (but that's a light action, used for perch), that I've only seen for sale at a bait shop on Devils Lake, don't remember the cost. I stand pat with my answer - best cheap walleye rod is the Rapala (for the right type of lure, of course - I wouldn't jig a genz bug with it).
  12. A popular auction site has some right now for under $15, but when I searched the Internet for "Rapala Ice Fishing Rod" I found some for $10 or $11 (without a reel). I also found out they are no longer made so not many stores would have them.
  13. I've dried my "smurf suit" before - no problem.
  14. deadstick

    Glow Jigs

    "Neon lights" (no idea who makes them) last a long time. I bought them at a sporting show - they're pretty plain, just a hook covered with a bit of a glow coating, sort of like a teardrop jig - but I have some big enough for walleyes.
  15. I've got a blue "Rapala" rod that I got pretty cheap - great sensitivity and backbone. I prefer it to a number of my more spendy rods - probably bought it a few years ago though.
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