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  1. Sometimes it is too easy to just blame the broadhead. With todays emphasis on arrow speed, many people are shooting too light of arrows to achieve those speeds. The result is a loss in kenetic energy, this is what you need to punch through those deer. Most times when shooting a deer or bear you WILL hit some bone. I happen to currently shoot 2 blade rage, I like the shot accuracy. In my 34 yrs of bowhunting, I have shot most types of broadheads and have had success and loss with many. Currently I am shooting a 450 grain total weight arrow. Last year with that setup, I put a terrible shot on a nice 8pt, I hit it high and forward, ended up right on the should plate, but with the kenetic energy of the arrow from my 68lb switchback, the arrow penetrated through that bone plate, yes bent blades, but blades that went through, arrow went in about 12 and broke off, result deer down in 25 yds. I am just saying there is more to it than just the broadhead, KE is critical to drive any arrow combo through.
  2. Bushwac, please reply to me at [email protected] I am very interested in your fish house and have just a couple of questions, plus I want to make you a serious offer right now. I would like to do this privately. Thanks.
  3. Bushwac, please reply to me at [email protected] I am very interested in your fish house and have just a couple of questions, plus I want to make you a serious offer right now. I would like to do this privately. Thanks.
  4. Thanks guys for your input!!! On another note, does anyone have any idea what an average cost (labor) would be to swap those motors, as far as rigging goes?
  5. For you motor experts. I may have an opportunity to do a motor swap with an acquaintance. I have a 2002 merc 125 2stroke with very low hours(like 150hrs) excellent shape, etc. My acquaintance has a 2002 150 Optimax in the same shape,etc. Now you may ask why would he want to get rid of the 150? The answer is he is an older gentleman who does not want that big of a motor on his 17.5 lund fisherman, he actually originally talked about a 90hp. Anyway just to keep the naysayers at bay, there is nothing fishy about his intentions. So any way, I have an alumacraft 185 trophy with the merc 125 2 cycle. Here are my questions. 1. Would the power upgrade be worthwhile? I currently run about 35-36 wot fully loaded. 2. I here fuel and oil consumption may be less with the 150 optimax? 3. Are the controls, gauges, throttle etc, interchangeable? 4. Would this be worth a $1,000-$2,000 upgrade?
  6. I just bought a 2002 125 merc 2 stroke this summer. I have not owned a merc for many years and am wondering how to fog this motor. My previous motor was a johnson 85hp that had a screw in valve to the carbs that you could just hook up a can of fogging oil and go. I am wondering what the process is for this merc? Anybody have one or have worked on this motor? Any replies are greatly appreciated!!!!
  7. I disagree, the original idea with the Fisherman "Adventure Series" was to give people a boat with the size and main features of the Tyee,yet not have all the bells and whistles and come in at a lower price point than the Tyee's. The Tyee has always been on the high end. I agree they made a huge mistake here!!
  8. Any takers on the TV yet? Let me know if you are ready to part with it. I have picked up 2 of those in the past year that people were happy just to have hauled away.
  9. Phred, if the color and picture is good, I may take it off your hands for free. This would at least save you the $20 waste management recycling fee.
  10. Finally a pic, with some horns. Enough to get me going! Can anybody help me get smaller size picture for the forum? [image][/image]
  11. Now I think I have a problem? I just bought my license yesterday and the store I bought it from still printed it the white adhesive backed paper. It does not have the cut outs on it. I have seen the blue license with cut outs and I definitely have the old style. Will I have a problem with tagging, a technicality or will it be fine. Anyone else get the "old" style?
  12. WalleyeWeasel, I do get some "empty" pictures, probably about a third of them. I think maybe the deer has moved out of the camera focus already on some, I have also gotten just some rear ends of deer as they move out. Could also be other critters? I am pretty new to this but I think a key part of it is getting the proper angle on the trail, more of a linear (along the trail) photo vs. shooting across a trail. That is the great thing about digital, you can just delete the garbage pictures. [image][/image]
  13. Late June 2005 - Lake Winnibigosh. [image][/image]
  14. RDB, I am pretty happy with battery life. I am using cheapies, (EvrRdy) and they are doing a nice job. I have had one in for close to 2 weeks and still have around 30% battery life. Camera has taken approx. 60 pics in that time frame. I love the SD card option, I have 2 and just swap them out everytime I go out, plus the card fits in my digital home camera which I take to the field to view the pictures right away.
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