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  1. Can't get more reliable or easier to work on/modify than a Glock 17. Great gun. If you don't like not having an external safety or don't like the grip angle of the Glock then S&W M&P would get my vote.
  2. I also have a Glock 36. Great carry gun, but not a ton of fun at the range (beats ya up a bit). If you already have a Glock and like the feel of it, the 36 is worth looking into (for carry) - if I wasn't going to carry it I would look at a 1911.
  3. KatoMike

    winch problem

    I had the same problem with a Warn winch this summer - lot of lifting and lowering the plow as I was using it to clean up after bucking a huge tree...the winch was overheating. Could be the same issue you are having, put it in the building and let it sit and it cools down then works, if I let mine sit for a few minutes it would work again. Check around the winch and make sure there is nothing packed in around it to keep air from moving around.
  4. I have an Aluma 8114 (81 inches across and 14 feet long). It is light, very well built and fits two four wheelers front to back with room to spare (also can fit three four wheelers side by side by side). Only drawback is that it is noisy.
  5. I am having the same problem. I have a couple of conibear 220's and 110's out as well as some leg hold traps. No luck so far.
  6. It is the only motor they put in the 1500HD. I had one in a 2500, great motor (but as has been said, terrible gas mileage).
  7. KatoMike

    lcd tv's

    We lay ours on the bed. Went to the Black Hills and back last summer and the tv was fine.
  8. Had an Access cover on two different trucks...I would highly recommend them.
  9. I got my 7 year old son a Mini Genesis bow. It is the same bow that he learned to shoot with at various Cub Scout camps. I found a used one online for less than $80. Well built and since there is no let-off it can fit a pretty broad range of kids.
  10. I have Wranglers on my '08 F-350. Nice looking tire, good grip, but they are pretty loud. Choices were fairly limited for Load Range E tires on an 18" rim.
  11. That's the name of the KOA we stayed at, Palmer Gulch. Thanks.
  12. We spent a week at the Mount Rushmore KOA last summer. It is just outside of Hill City so you are right in the middle of the Black Hills. Incredible views right from the campground, 2 pools, atv trails leaving right from the campground. Our two kids (3 & 6 at the time) loved it! I would definitely stay there again. We took our fifth wheel out there but they have tent sites and cabins, too.
  13. The 1500HD is the same as the 2500 (not the 2500HD, which is heavier duty). With the 1500HD/2500 you get a transfer case that includes the auto setting (can't get this on 2500HD or 3500). The tranny is the nearly bulletproof 4L80. They are great trucks.
  14. The primary purpose of an SUV is to haul people. A truck's primary purpose is to haul stuff (dirt, rock, feed).
  15. SUV's aren't trucks, they are SUV's. Doesn't matter if they are cross-overs with unibody frames or Suburbans they are still SUV's not trucks. Can't put a load of gravel in them...can't tow a fifth-wheel with them...but you can go to the mall and grocery store when it's snowing with them...
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