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  1. Neb Fish- I talked with northern wilderness today. I gave them your email addy, and they said they will personally give you some tips on their lakes. He said that they really don't have any lakes that specialize in smallies, but they do have some nice trout lakes. I personally have fished alot of their fly-in lakes in the winter. And they do have some very nice fish in them. I personally would go with Northern Wilderness. They are great to work with and they will give you a time to remember. They won't let you down. Till then..Tight Lines...
  2. Northern wilderness is a Great Outfitter. I live right here in Fort Frances, so i can tell you all about them.
  3. Matt- You have a bad link to camp manitou. The link brings up koochwave cellular. this link should work. Camp Manitou Feetdown- I have been to Happy Landing Lodge and it is very nice, and i know for a fact there is a few lakes they can portage you into for some fantastic small mouth and large mouth fishing! I have fished a few of these lakes myself and there is some wonderful fish there. Email me and i can give you some more info.
  4. MJ- I believe that you have to apply for the crossing permit in person and I know for a fact that you have to purchase your license in person. I checked the mnr HSOforum and there is no option to purchase online, but you can call and get one by mail. And just a friendly reminder, you can not bring live minnows from the minnesota side to the canadian side. They either have to be dead or purchased in canada. JT
  5. Bleeding around the toes is usually caused by the snow cutting the feet open, especially if the dog is an inside dog. The best thing to do is get a pair of those rubber booties for the dog. I had to do this for my female lab because everytime we would go to the cabin i would have the same problem. I would just try the rubber boots for the dog or find something to cover his/her feet and you should have a problem after that other than getting the dog comfortable with the booties. Sometimes you have to start out with them wearing them in the house so that you can watch them. It took me 2 days to get mine to be comfortable with them. The key is, put them on the dog, and then keep them occupied so that they forget they have them on. Well i hope this helps ya.
  6. Decoy- Yes those crappies are caught on rainy lake. I will be heading out in the morning for a few slabs. Thanks about the comment on the pics. I will be getting some more pics on there. We just got the digital cam for x-mas, so i have to find time to get some more fishin pics and get them posted. Just keep checkin, i will get some more pics soon. If you enjoy catchin big slabs, come fish rainy lake, Lots of slabs and big ones at that!! Most Big slabs caught in the winter on rainy are caught on the canadian side of rainy. But that is ok for me cuz i married a canadian and the father in-law has a cabin on a bay that produces those big slabs. Come try out rainy some day!!
  7. Here is my buddy with a nice rainy lake walleye. This one was CPR...Catch Photo Release
  8. fishinphilth- I have owned many labs and currently have 2 of them one that is 3 yrs old and one that is about 1 1/2yrs old...u can see them at Photo page . I have always been told..NO E-COLLARS until they have lost all of their puppy teeth. As far as training, 5 min a day is all it takes. I did alot of my research on the net instead of buying books. There is all kinds of free stuff on the net. But most books will tell you Repetition, Repetition...Start with the basics and when u feel your dog has them down..work on the hunting skills. My labs i got, once they had the basics down, the hunting part was easy because it is in their blood and it is just instinct. That is my 2 cents worth.. Any questions feel free to email me. If you look at my pics, i plan on breeding the black female this summer and will be selling pups in fall sometime. But i will probably put a post on here when i breed her.
  9. Mine is 16 3/4" and it is on the wall..most crappies i catch are around 13-16". and i know that a moderator can speak for me..just ask Fishmeister86 in the rainy lake forum. Also i have pics..feel free to view them. Fishin Pics Well Hopefully you will believe me but i know what i have caught and hopefully someday you too can catch some big slabs!!!
  10. Well here is my 2 cents worth.. I wouldn't put the dog down just yet. I would work with either a muzzle when around strangers or people the dog has acted agressivly towards. This is not acceptable behavior, but you know i wrestle with my dogs (both Labs) and they give a FIRM bite, but never break the skin. I HAVE had my 85lb male growl and show teeth at a friend who had come to let him out while i was gone and he has been over before and never acted this way. I have owned labs for years and they are a protective dog of their property and owners. If they feel threatend at all they will be not afraid to show it. My male will go bonkers if mail man or paper boy comes up the walk, (i feel sorry for them if he ever gets out) he almost goes THRU the window when they are even across the street and he has NEVER even been outside when they have come or have never been tormented by them. Just a charecteristic of a lab. Just gotta break them of the habit and like i said try the muzzle thing. If you wanna know more, just email me..i can tell you lots about labs. Feel free to see the pics of my dogs at http://photos.yahoo.com/jtaschuk
  11. Bubbadust- I live here on rainy and i LOVE may fishing for walleyes. Like they said weather can be unpredictable, but i have caught LOTS of big fish on opener. I would prefer a may trip or a Sept trip. those to me are the best fishing for BIG fish. but if all you want is eaters, go in june or july. That is just my 2cents worth.
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