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  1. This was friday hunted the river in sleet and snow. lots of birds and they all worked
  2. here is the dog boat ride back to shore Bailey with her birds Lots of gadwalls and mallards this year
  3. I agree the thought of being in slough or on the river gets my heart racing. I have been skunked a few times but still go back and enjoy being out there on the water and setting up decoys and drinking coffee while the sun comes oh yeah anbd being so excited the first day that when they do come in to land the gun isn't loaded. it is good to be a duck hunter snow is coming and i cant wait nothing better than busting ice to put decoys out.
  4. here is a pic of todays hunt windy and just starting to snow 4:30 and the roosters showed. Bailey is 3 in march and has had a great year with retrieving ducks and finding those sneaky rooster. Heading out tomorrow for the last hunt of year cant wait
  5. I love my sx2 it is the only shotgun I use. i shooot small trap loads and 3.5 at geese it is all around good gun it does get a little after a few miles of upland and the duratouch is peeling. but the mechanics have never failed. Great gun the only thing i would do different is by the camo instead of the black it is amazing how much the black stands out from a distance.
  6. I am a Transplnat from Iowa and The Area south of worthington and over by Spirit lake is always good lots of public land and sloughs. I have alwasys had good luck. i wont be down this weekend though i have to work next weekend for sure.
  7. the best i've use is shoegoo clean the area put it on let it dry. I use a golf Tee to to apply. I ripped mine last year in the morning climbing in the boat put on the goo used a lighter to dry and was fine in about an hour great stuff. I always keep it in my blind bag
  8. those are Always filled with geese and the two ponds out west of town near on the Isaac Walton Nature Area you cant see the water for the thickness of geese. I have been over to whitewater few time thrown a dozen floaters and shot a few mallards some woodies and seen a fair amount of geese. Good luck
  9. chefjim


    This is my third year with my sx2 i love it cycles great and For the last two i have beat it up pretty good and looks new. I shoot 2 3/4 through it for trap and 3 1/2 through for goose and have no problem. I was trying to decide between that and Superblackeagle. Overall Great gun
  10. I just bought AR this year love it was a step up from the pse I had. it is so quite and fast.
  11. went out last night for a couple of hours. 1 goose flew around 4:00 and was skybusted by the someone 100 yards away than nothing until 6:15 then a couple of geese and three mallards came when I was picking up. last night it was so still there was nothing moving. I hope tonight will be better
  12. I have been thinking of buying a motorized decoy but not sure which to buy the drake or the hen. any advice?
  13. I have been lookin for that since i brought mine home. Last night we hunted she ran all the way out there and layed and patiently waited and the I sent to pick up decoys 18 of them she ran back to the truck slept all the way home and and was jumping at the coat hook trying to get the dummy to play fetch. they are tireless dogs.
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