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  1. mjhowe- I think a medium will fit you about right. I'm a few inches taller than you but about the same weight. I ended up with a medium bibs (I'm sure you'll be the same) and a small jacket (but you may be a little "thicker" than me) so a medium may be your ticket. The suit is really nice. Except for the color, it's not much different than the ice armor suit except for one Big thing, It's Buoyant! I'm going to try out the buoyancy this summer and hopefully not any sooner!
  2. Looks like the snow on Sunday is going to stay more in the Iowa area. Good news up here for people wanting ice to form, bad for the snowmobilers.
  3. I hate this post! It's making my mouth water
  4. Thanks for sending the small set to me Walleyedan. The medium bibs and the small jacket are a perfect fit for me, even with a couple layers underneath. If anyone else is ordering and trying to figure out sizes FYI I'm kind of lightweight (5'11 165 lbs) Walleyedan, are you finding many people having to mix sizes? The jacket sizes are deceiving, I'm almost ALWAYS a medium in all clothing! But I'll take the small jacket, hey whatever works. I'll be sending back the other portions to you tomorrow. Whether you get them Saturday or Monday, I don't know. Do you have any opinion on that "Survivor All In One"? Looks like something really nice to have behind the pickup seat or in the boat glove box. How much can you sell it for? and is it worth a darn? Anyway, thanks for the great service! I won't be shopping again for a suit for years!
  5. Hands down Bullit. I like Fords commercial for the 2005 mustang, check it out if you didn't see it. I didn't know that Steve McQueen died so long ago! If you go to the page below, you can see more commericals and also the original Bullit Clip! ( )
  6. I really like the gaters inside the bibs for covering up the boots. The suit is very lite weight! Nice product and also very nice service. Receiving the product within 24 hours of ordering is impressive! I can see why people aren't afraid to speak up on how they like owning these. Can't wait to give mine a good run when the temps drop in a couple days.
  7. I was there a couple years ago. I only parasailed, never fished though, except for the bottlebass; They are common to freshwater and saltwater! Give us a report.....and make sure you get a hooters shotglass!
  8. Wow Dan, I heard that my suit has arrived on my front doorstep! Now that's service
  9. Ok Thanks for checking on this. As long as the "fix" doesn't affect the durability. Thanks, I can't wait to get the bag Fastlane
  10. ?????????? I guess I'll have to see when my Revolution arrives in the next day or so. Does the picture on their HSOforum not look like your bag? If they started going cheap
  11. Yup I left you a voicemail. Be talking with ya soon. Fastlane
  12. walleyedan, I sent you an e-mail with a couple questions and ordering info. Fastlane
  13. I think I know what you are trying to get at and I believe what you are thinking is correct to a certain point. A lot of lakes we have have inlets and outlets which also create currents in lakes, I suppose underground aquifers can also play with the temps of the water in the column. With this in mind, I think just taking the temp of the watercolumn in many lakes can vary from spot to spot. However, I believe you are correct in that if currents didn't play a role, the coldest water is right under the ice. These images complimentary of (http://www.chem1.com/acad/webtext/pre/density.html)
  14. Does the jacket have any zippers to air out at all? (I like having zippers under the pits for the jacket!) And are the wrist cuffs adjustable. How is the suit between the warm 30 - 40 degrees we have now. Unbearable? Are you pretty much forced to shed the jacket? Are you, or anyone else going to be at the Sportsmen's show at the Rivercentere next week with the product? Thanks, I'm very interested.... You are ordering tomorrow!
  15. I ordered a Stone Legacy Revolution off of their HSOforum a few days ago. I've seen this bag up close and I think it's one of the best out there. I hope to get my very own in a couple days.
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