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  1. wheres the fish?

    Advice on a Clam 5600

    I have both a 5600 and a 6800... I love them!
  2. wheres the fish?


    I second the Vexilar FL-8. Its a great flasher! Wouldnt trade it in for anything!
  3. wheres the fish?

    Ice Road Truckers!

    yea they are filming as we speak..
  4. wheres the fish?

    Lets make a million! ! ! !

  5. wheres the fish?

    cant let it go (fl 8se)

    I am a FL-8se man...I wont trade it in for anything!
  6. wheres the fish?

    Lets make a million! ! ! !

  7. wheres the fish?

    Lets make a million! ! ! !

  8. wheres the fish?

    Cloning opinion please

    The top one looks alot more natural... I like the more natural pictures myself.
  9. wheres the fish?

    Best Pop-up Shelter

    I am a Clam man and thats what I swear by. I had a Clam Trap Guide but never liked that because of the open floor. Then a couple years back I picked up a used Clam 5600 which in my opinion is perfect for 2 people with gear. This year I broke down and got a new 6800 so I can bring my kids out with me. But when I go out by myself or with 1 other person I will still use my lil 5600 in a heartbeat! If you are on a tight budget and at max only fish 2 people I would go 5600! 5600 specs Set Up Size 72" x 60" Pack Size 32" x 60" x 9" Center Height 78" Weight 75 lbs. 6800 specs Floor Size 6' X 8' Precut Holes 6 Center Height 6' 6" Pack Size 72" x 39" x 10" Weight 100 lbs. you can look arund the site at www.clamcorp.com
  10. wheres the fish?

    Lets make a million! ! ! !

  11. wheres the fish?

    SE trout streams-Where should I go?

    the word they took out is another word for a man made waterfall..if u stop in Elba there is a baitshop there and they will if u some spots where the trout have been biteing well.
  12. wheres the fish?

    SE trout streams-Where should I go?

    well it guess it all depends what your going after..havent found much for brooks in southeast mn. but if you just want to catch a load of rainbows try the whitewater park around Elba or down by Lanesboro..those 2 places I have done the best..have got a few nice rainbows and browns..if u try in lanesboro try by the hatchery or the (Contact US Regarding This Word) in town..good luck,be safe and have fun