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  1. I have both a 5600 and a 6800... I love them!
  2. I second the Vexilar FL-8. Its a great flasher! Wouldnt trade it in for anything!
  3. yea they are filming as we speak..
  4. I am a FL-8se man...I wont trade it in for anything!
  5. The top one looks alot more natural... I like the more natural pictures myself.
  6. I am a Clam man and thats what I swear by. I had a Clam Trap Guide but never liked that because of the open floor. Then a couple years back I picked up a used Clam 5600 which in my opinion is perfect for 2 people with gear. This year I broke down and got a new 6800 so I can bring my kids out with me. But when I go out by myself or with 1 other person I will still use my lil 5600 in a heartbeat! If you are on a tight budget and at max only fish 2 people I would go 5600! 5600 specs Set Up Size 72" x 60" Pack Size 32" x 60" x 9" Center Height 78" Weight 75 lbs. 6800 specs Floor Size 6' X 8' Precut Holes 6 Center Height 6' 6" Pack Size 72" x 39" x 10" Weight 100 lbs. you can look arund the site at www.clamcorp.com
  7. the word they took out is another word for a man made waterfall..if u stop in Elba there is a baitshop there and they will if u some spots where the trout have been biteing well.
  8. well it guess it all depends what your going after..havent found much for brooks in southeast mn. but if you just want to catch a load of rainbows try the whitewater park around Elba or down by Lanesboro..those 2 places I have done the best..have got a few nice rainbows and browns..if u try in lanesboro try by the hatchery or the (Contact US Regarding This Word) in town..good luck,be safe and have fun
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