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  1. as you blow a short reed, the reed actually wears the sides of the tone channel as it vibrates up and down, in and out of the channel, Changing the sound, it gives the call more versatility over time. many methods have been tried to do this without blowing the call for a few years, like hooking them up to vaccums and such, but really you can't do it as well as you can just by blowing them. I make alot of calls as a hobby buisiness, and love to help guys out.. just ask! STELZ
  2. I hope we got the rust off, but we are by no means shining yet are we TIMBER IKE.... hehehe.. was a good time, and i did get a little lesson from Ike as he pulled in 5# of fish compared to my measly 1.5... sure was nice to pitchs ome baits and be fishing again... can;t wait for the inland opener..
  3. Stelz

    Smallie Plastics

    I fish that lake quite often.. there are some good smallies in there no doubt.. but it can be a humbling body of water, you have to work for your fish.. Use what you would always toss for bass. deep cranks and such to target deep water fish, and your run of the mill tactics for the shallow bays and shore lines... work things slow and use a variety of tactics, and you will find a goode niche for yourself out there.. I have been fishing it for a few years now hard and am just getting a handle on it.. its a challenging lake with excellent habitat and fish... just be sure and remember one thing.. BEND YOUR KNEES... The rec. boat traffic out there is enough to make any fisherman cuss.... Good luck STELZ
  4. In Ikes starting post there is a link to directions I believe... IF not... IKE!!!??
  5. Te landing we are meeting at is right in the heart of the backwaters, heck I would canoe back there if i had no boat, its plenty safe..
  6. Ike and i will be there with Jig's on... I am soooo ready to do some flippin' Need to chase bass badly and this will be the first time out for us.. should be a good time! look forward to seeing whomever makes it there!!
  7. Stelz

    Culling Systems

    Very interesting and good to know... If you were fishing any 2 man type tourney's you really don't have to worry either, because even with culling you would not reach a limit as long as the bag limit for the tourney is less than that of the state..
  8. Stelz

    Zoom Horny toads

    I agree, use big hooks, i used to think too small, now i try and put big hooks on stuff.. and make sure you run the hook all the way threw the toad, and then just tuck it back into the top, so it is weedless but barely has any toad to come threw when you set the hook on a fish..
  9. Ikeslayer and I were up there friday evening drooling over the ranger boats It was nice to see all the new stuff and watch em throw baits in the big fish tank.. I always enjoy watching the combat fishing at the trout pond.. saw a few kids adding some meat out of there pockets to there hooks.. and they caught fish right away after that.. I was a little bummed.. it seemed like it was just one big outfitter advertisment. after halfway through, we just cruised the fishing vendors and skipped over a lot of the rest of the show.. It was a good time to see new products and stuff..
  10. what dya think of those wide ribbon tail worms.. those look goooooood.... A man can never have enough bait right! Try telling that to my wife....
  11. Ah haa.. Thanks, preciate it...
  12. Dietz, how do you go about ordering the 100 packs....
  13. Stelz


    YEAH!!! This is my go to bait, my favorite way to use it : I use a Jobe hook or some other weithted hook, that the weight hides well.. then i use the crawdad color crawbug, 3 inchers Mostly... It is the best natural crawdad presentation i have used yet.. I found that those clearwater, slow situations this can be a lifesaver.. I can think of one night it madee a huge difference in the creel...
  14. I'll second that, can't wait.. One thing I have learned in my limited days, is go with what you are confident with.. Thats my game.. and then try to fit in new tactics and techniques and gain more confidence in them.. Like Ike said, the river has a lot to offer.. this should be fun.....
  15. I am in, well since I mooch out of Ike's boat, I am in with him... HA HA would be fun, and I like the set up.. just need to nail down some dates and water... thanks for the foot work fellas
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