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  1. Costco sells a really nice 4 x 8 racking system that is nicely designed and assembles easy. will hold as much as you want to put on it
  2. Have any of you had to replace the transom on one of those 14' Lunds? I have one that has the small splash pan across the back and the transom is rotten. If you could give me any tips before I dig in to save me time I would appreciate it. And, what type material would you replace it with? Just marine grade plywood? Coated with something, or just plain. Appreciate any heads up you can give me
  3. Most Americans shoot over choked guns. For whatever reason, There is probably never a reason to shoot full choke until late in the season. It is much easier to hit with a more open choke and the patterns tend to be more evenly spread. Somebody mentioned patterning your gun. Great advice. I learned that shooting the IC choke in my over under was a horrible choice and now have both barrels choked modified as that is what works best in that gun. There is no hard and fast rule as all weapons are different. Spend the time, check it out
  4. Great idea! I like the foam things too. Thanks guys. I often put the propane tank in a box on the back of my wheeler so its not a huge problem
  5. Anybody tried the Artic Shield bibs from Scheels? They look pretty decent and have a lifetime warranty from Scheels.
  6. So I scored a Striker bag from Korkys in White Bear yesterday and it is a pretty nice bag. Perhaps a little bigger than I really wanted...now I will be bringing along the kitchen sink. It is a bit of a challenge to get rods with jigs still on them into the tubes. I bought some of the Todays Tackle tackle pouches but they seem to get caught up on the edges of the tubes when you put the rods in and take them out of the bag. Anybody else have an idea short of taking the jigs off the rods? It does take up a good share of the space in my Voyager, leaving just enough room for the big buddy and maybe a propane tank if I can figure out how to secure the tank so it doesnt roll around. I would perhaps agree with an earlier observation about the big compartment being a bit on the weak side. the fabric is kind of thin with some type of plastic coating on the back side that keeps it water proof but it remains to be seen if it is going to stand up to cold weather. I will assume that the Striker folks thought about that and I am getting concerned about nothing. An added bonus is they are a St. Paul company.
  7. If your west metro why dont you just drive it out directly to Strikemaster in Big Lake. Great guys to deal with, and who wold know your machine better?
  8. I have a lab from Diamond J as do two of my hunting partners. We all are very pleased with the dogs and would highly recommend them. Very nice dogs eager to please, smaller than an American monster dog and very mellow when not hunting. These people go over to England several times a year and bring back fresh dogs to compliment their blood lines. These are not dogs who have been in the U.S.A.for several decades and had Brit parents some where in their distant past. Check them out, he wont be sorry
  9. I have a small version of the sunflower heater that screws onto a one pound tank and is adjustable from 3 - 5000 btu and it perfect down to zero and also very portable cost $29
  10. Use a number 3 Fuji single foot guide and get a rubber grommet from any good hardware store. Epoxy the guide onto your rod tip and then wrap it on with thread of your choice. Take some more epoxy and soak the threads to add strength and keep it from unwrapping. Put the rubber grommet inside the rod guide and slip the St. Croix spring into place. Works great, looks great, stands up to major abuse. Put it on any rod you wish, heck you could put it on a broom handle and cathc fish with it.
  11. Drill one hole, put house on that one. Take a pinch of snuff and mark center of the other three holes.
  12. Called Benelli customer service, got a nice gal who apologized for my trouble and a new replacement is on the way!
  13. Anybody else have trouble with this? I was out pheasant hunting on Friday in about 10 degree weather and when I got back to the truck I noticed that my butt pad had fallen off. I have never taken it off before and it seemed very tight. Evidently with the cold it shrunk and fell off, now I gotta spend 70 or 80 bucks for a new one. Any idea how to prevent this so I dont have to replace it next time it is cold. Guess I will be using the twin pipe from here on out.
  14. Saunatec in Cokato MN - direct importers from Finland and China. Very nice people
  15. I always seal each bag two or three times to make sure the seal is solid. I hate it when the seal doesnt hold
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