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  1. Jason - You actually got to talk to 2 FM'ers. I was the guy with his wife and 2 kids, I'm sure remember us because my boy kept taking your fish when it was too hot and dropping it on the floor. Anyways, wanted to say thank you for the fish batter and the samples...it was phenomenal!!
  2. I couldn't agree more with Fisher Dave. Last year is a prime example. The lake I went opened up completely 2 days before I launched the boat, I buzzed around to every bay to check temps and all were near the same temp, give or take a degree. So I decided to look for fish on the first break just outside of the shallows and it looked like a cloud on the graph. I set my bobber stop just at the depth the cloud was and it was lights out!! They were so concentrated that it was literally, "bobber out bobber down" at least my experience has been you need to be on the spot, ON THE SPOT...once you find them its easy pickings....
  3. Thanks again for the help. Probably will roll in there around 3:00ish. I'll let you know how I did.
  4. Thanks for the heads up. What kind of numbers do you think will be there?
  5. Super Black - I also love this lake but have only fished it in the spring and summer. I was plannig on going out there this weekend any helpful ideas for a guy new toi the ice-fishing on this lake? Looking for the pans, and walleyes after dark. thanks.
  6. Walleye Guy - Have you been doing any fishing on Big Round lately?
  7. I'm going to Big Round this weekend and am curious if anyone has any good starting points for me. I will probably chase the crappies around and then walleyes/crappies in the evening. Thanks for the help.
  8. Well, I purchased a new boat and now I have to sell this one, otherwise I will take the trade money for it. Anyone out there want this boat for $3200.00 or best offer? Looks like they are going to give me a few weeks to hold it but thats it....
  9. On the receipt from Nelson Marine, they state its a 92, but it the "classic 50" so I believe it is actually an 86 or an 88. Thats when I think they stopped making the classic 50 series. And yes it has power tilt/trim. I took really good care of it, you can see its been stored in a garage when it wasn't in use.
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