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  1. I tried a big buddy last year and it was a joke. The btu ratings are either overrated on the big buddy or under rated on the sunflower. The sunflower on low was way hotter than the big buddy on High. I don't know about any of you but I like to take my jacket off when I fish also not having the holes freeze up is always a plus. My vote for the $40 sunflower
  2. I got a Revolution from Stone Legacy last spring and stored all my Thorne bro's rods in it all summer. I still have to get used to it's size when fishing two people in a two man flip over house. I have to empty it or keep it outside also had problems stuffing more than four rods in it. other than that it's the only thing I trust my rod in. Well worth it
  3. I got a $30.00 clam rope light this year and in my opinion they are not bright enough. I would be willing to give it away if someone wanted to try it. Cant win em all
  4. Hecker

    Fireline Crystal

    I like it. no leader and still got a pile of walleyes
  5. Quote: you cant stand it up for extended storage. My lite came with a bracket to hang it on the wall. I thought it would be a problem alway having to watch the this side up sticker but it's really not a issue. Also I couldent agree more with what huntingmaxima Said. Not to mention I don't get wet drilling holes with the lite. I have no doubt the niles is a superior auger in many aspects but I will never regret my choice. My .02 cents Later
  6. I just got a lite this year myself. It was too hard to get a niles on a impulse, so within 10 minutes of deciding on a lite I had one in my hand. Glad I did! It starts ever so easy and purrs like a kitten. Quiet and no smoke, no mixed gas ect.... If you got the time get the niles there good too. Later D
  7. Mine is new and I steped up from a magIII which was a 8" and the four stroke has a lot more torque than that one. I hope to drill thru 3 feet of ice this year but it dont look good right now. The best advantage I can see is drill in the permanent houses. no smoke and no ear plugs. Later
  8. I used mine for the first time last weekend. It starts great and runs very quiet. I appreciated it even more once the crowds moved in and started drilling holes all around me. I hope it runs the same when it's -30degs out. Later
  9. I got a revolution last spring to store all my new Thorne bro's rods. Tons of space and well made and no more buckets. My opinion is that they would be hard to beat!
  10. Just look for the 10 to 15 boats fishing the goofy umbrella looking rigs with 6 or 8 minnows. Fishing was slow from the weather. The old man got most of the fish. Pike = 2 @ 37",1 @ 40", 3 around 33". A few Eye's and Craps for lunch. We only seen 1 musky for the week, Good times I got the gps # if u want them
  11. I have a trip of a lifetime planed for next week with the "Old Man" and I was wondering if anyone had some general reports. Temps, clarity, colors, ect. Leaving Sunday any help would be great. He will be tossing Musky junk and I'll doing this and that. Thank Dennis
  12. Congrats on the purchase of the hole in the water where all the money goes. you will love it! 1st year you fill it up and the next year you find ways around having to have all the junk.
  13. dangnear You will be seening my eskimo for a zipper this summer some time. Thanks for the putting yourself out there.
  14. Thanks now I will be laughing my can off for the rest of the day.
  15. Hecker

    Thank You

    Wow. I feel like my wife after she watches on of these sappy movies. I’m proud to be apart of this site. I will go and cry now.
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