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  1. Go to the FM home page click on resort directory. A list of resorts will come up. Just click on the name of the resort you want to check out and it will link you to the resorts HSOforum. ------------------ Jimmy
  2. Jimmy

    Pool 4 Bassin

    luv2senko, drop me a line at: [email protected] ------------------ Jimmy
  3. The longest I have run mine so far is 6hrs and it drops to 70% battery power. So you should be able to fish from sun up to sun down without any worries. ------------------ Jimmy
  4. My boat is still for sale. I have a whole bunch of new pics for anyone interested. Make me a reasonable offer and it's yours! ------------------ Jimmy
  5. Jimmy

    Red Wing in March

    I would concentrate more on the 5-15ft depth along riprap areas away from the current. The majority of my nicest fish have been at this depth range, some even shallower. ------------------ Jimmy
  6. Jimmy

    Top 10....

    Summer -Shad rap -Jointed shad rap -My custom spinner rigs -fireball jigs -Phelpps floater Winter -Marmooska -forage minnow -forage fry -angle eye's -glow devils ------------------ Jimmy
  7. Jimmy

    Red Wing in March

    Cabinboy, If there is a warm day or two in Feb. I would hit the river. Like Tom said everyone will have the same idea as you come March. As far as bait, try the jig and minnow thing but never rule out plastics, the river eyes have a special place in there hearts for ringworms! Good luck to ya! ------------------ Jimmy
  8. I have been using iron silk for 2yrs and love it. It is alot tougher than regular mono with about the same memory. The only drawback is it gets really stiff in cold weather and likes to coil up and twist. I mainly use it for casting or jigging during the warmer months. ------------------ Jimmy
  9. I've got four of them that I have been using for about 3yrs now and havn't had any problems yet. Sounds like you got a lemon. I wonder if there is a warranty on them. Might want to check the Frabill site. ------------------ Jimmy
  10. Mild temps should make the walleyes more active. I would be more concerned about light conditions especially in clearer water. The first place I would look for walleyes would be current breaks in shallower water(5-15ft depending on the structure ,location and depth of the river). My favorite winter presentation is a jig either hair and/or tipped with a minnow or plastics (plastics being no.1 on the list). ------------------ Jimmy Marcum
  11. jiggin pig, For more fishing info around Red wing you might want to check in on the Miss. river pools 2-4 forum also. I have been hearing some reports that Frontenac pond is putting out some decent panfish and Pike this year. Might want to give that a try? ------------------ Jimmy Marcum
  12. jiggin pig, Welcome to FM. About the best place to fish in Red wing would be Baypoint park. They have been catching some panfish around the docks and if you set up a tip-up w/shiner there is a good chance for Pike. Best chance for walleyes would be near the mouth of the bay but be carefull the ice is alot thinner there. As the ice on Pepin gets thicker you could venture down to Frontenac to the public landing and head south for long point or north to methodist point(watch out for springs) or point-no-point. Walleye and saugers can be found in all 3 areas but finding them may take some time. Good luck! ------------------ Jimmy Marcum
  13. My uncle has a chocolate lab that is AKC. Give me your email and I'll send you his. ------------------ Jimmy Marcum
  14. I like the auger strap. Might have to pick one up for the days that I leave the sled behind. Sure beats lugging around 25-30lbs. by hand! ------------------ Jimmy Marcum
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