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  1. You guys are too funny. A couple of bad winters and a bad deer hunt and ...wah, wah, wah! Lets point the finger and find someone to blame (and hang). Everybody talking smart. Some day you will figure out that you cant manage mother nature. She will kick your *ss every time. Put your big boy pants on and read it and weep.
  2. I can attest to fact No. 1. I recall floating around on Lake Mille Lacs bouncing off the ice cubes during fishing opener 2013. And in the first week in Dec. 2012, we got dumped with snow and it stayed until the first week in May. That was the winter before last. And last winter was almost the same except that there was more snow and one heck of a lot colder. It killed several of my landscape shrubs. The last two years in 247 we were hunters choice. We went lottery this year. In my opinion, the last two winters along with the predators killed one heck of a lot of deer. A (no season) idea is the last thing the DNR wants. That $15M+ in revenue down the tubes, not a chance! And to take that one step further, any idea that alienates "average joe" hunters or their kids will go in the same garbage can.
  3. My brother up in Anchorage said they had 52 degrees this morning (that's +52!)and no snow on the ground yet. Don't we normally get Alaska's weather about a month later? I'm hopin' anyway.
  4. Looks like the weather is going from bad to worse. Its shaping up like (below zero) lows by the end of that week after this gale blows through. No sign of warming up on the 10-day forecast. Might be time to start looking at the ice fishing gear. Its going to be tough to hunt in that cold. I think this years hunt will be chalked up as a disaster. Mine is sure looking that way.
  5. Well a pretty serious chunk of Zone 1 is bucks only now. And most of the rest is lottery.
  6. Im glad too....I think it was originally scheduled for the 2nd and got changed. That was too early. I am really hoping to see the run in full swing for a change.
  7. I wandered into the Blaine store a couple of weeks ago out of boredom and could not believe it. I was looking for tent water-proofer. The hunting section was pathetic (and I am being kind). Could not find a blaze orange anything. There is no product on the shelves. I am really surprised they are still in business. The loses must be astronomical. I predict that they will belly up within a year. Its been a long road since the days of Holiday Sports and Burger Bros. That company should be ashamed of themselves.
  8. hehehe...me too. I believe you could carry a 1000 round bandalero and still be legal.
  9. Yep thats right. Carlos Avery is a different block. On the flip side, your bonus tag is good statewide. Anywhere there is managed or intensive harvsest.
  10. +1 Where did the 5 acres thing come from? Are you located in a city with an ordinance about that?
  11. Kick the cat twice??? Hey, three times a charm!
  12. Thats a handgun?? Does it come with wheels?
  13. It can be pretty frustrating but the first rule of troublshooting is try the easy cheaper things first and go from there. Good luck...theres still time to get it squared away. Im headed to the range on Wednesday and hoping there are no surprises.
  14. Good idea.... if settles down then its ammo. Im a bit old school and not too worried about the lead. I just use the old reliable Remmington Cor-Lokt off the shelf stuff. I thought about getting fancy and switching to some higher end ammo but the wallet had other ideas.
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