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  1. Its always fun seeing the kids hunt ducks! I took my little brother out for his 3rd ywh. He wanted to beat last years # of 3 ducks. Well long story short he made his dog work hard (me lol). It took him 2 1/2 boxes of shells but he did it. He got his 6 ducks. 4 teal,a hen and drake mallard. He was useing the gun we got him when he finished his gun safty so it ment alot to him getting his limit on his first trip with his duck slayin machine lol.
  2. Im not watching anymore! Aaron Voros is gone! Hometown boy is gone! Rolston is gone! Get rid of Gaborik, Sure he can get you to the playoffs but when your there hes worse than a first year peewee.
  3. Is there anyone going on saturday? Acouple buddys and I are just gunna watch it on ppv because of the rediculous amount of cash they want for tickets. 50 bucks for upper level tickets, I remember going to twolves games up in the nose bleed sections and its hard to see whats going on, I can only imagine trying to watch a fight in a octigon! anyway I am pumped for the fights, saturday couldnt come sooner!
  4. What a great series!!!!! I was at both fri and sat games and the atmosphere was crazy!!! Very fun games. To bad the hole rats won lol jk. The one thing I didnt like was the way the fans from both teams were acting and it only got worse as the games went on. I saw at least 8-10 people tossed out for throwing beer on Mavs/gopher fans. It just shows how many people are there just to be there and dont really care how they act. Both teams have a huge kid fan base and they dont need to see boneheads act like that. Well I may be sad that the mavs lost but there is still a smile on my face for being able to see the great hockey played this weekend. Win or lose both teams played there hearts out. Congrats to the gophers and good luck thursday!!!
  5. you can tell the players on the other team know hes out there. So far its his presence that is keeping the other teams from any rough stuff. Same thing when boogyman is on the ice, they always know were he is.
  6. You'll be surpised by mankato west. There playin really good this year. I graduated from west in 03' so that is the reason for my optimism. Just rootin for the home team. GO SCARLETS!!!!
  7. Mankato west all the way!!!!
  8. Twinkeedink, The mixers are amazing!!! Kinda hurts the wallet tho, But ya im hopeing to make it to both games! Yea go mavs. OOOOOOOLAY OLAY OLAY OLAY.
  9. The mavs sioux game friday night was amazing!! It was a rough and close game the whole way. Fun to watch! Im looking forward to the home at home series this weekend vs st.cloud. Quick question, why dosent college hockey have a shootout afrer overtime? It would make most of the games more exciting, wouldnt it?
  10. Is it still available? I might be in the area this weekend
  11. I emailed salmo today and they replyed quick, They are sending me one. So if you want one just send them a email.
  12. Thanks for the replies guys. Nice to hear how others feel about this. Do you think harrsher punishment to the owners would help the situation. I think less people would by an aggresive breed because there "cute" as puppies. My gf thinks that in order to have a aggresive breed there should be guidelines, obedience classes, a permit ect.
  13. My girlfriend is going to school to be a vet and she said something about the state banning aggresive dogs such as pitbulls and dobermans, ect. (spelling sorry). I know this is a hunting dog forum but just wondering how you feel about this. I didnt bother me much untill i got to thinking that what if they banned a breed that I had. They would have to pry my dog from my cold dead fingers. How do you guys feel about this topic? Im not trying to sound like a tree huger but come on.
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