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  1. My buddy and I are thinking about heading out this weekend to fish soem cats near Dayton / Elk River. We drounded some crawlers for a few minutes a week ago and came up with only some smallies and 5lb Red Horse. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Bait? Location (general)? Setup? Thanks. Oh yea we might eb doing this from a canoe... Should be fun if we can hook into one.
  2. Quote: I dont understand how people can say if you took a picture of a fish that it was the wrong thing to do and that it should have been released within 1 mili second of catching it. Do you not have to bring the fish in to unhook it? I dont think there is anyone out there that if they caught a monster fish that they wouldnt think of snaping a picture if they had a cammera. Now if you put it in a livewell and went to get the cammera that might be construded as wrong but in the middle of the lake and with a cammera onboard, no-problem in my mind. I say congrats on a nice fish and post the picture so we all can share in a little excitement. My thoughts exactly
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    Quote: As far as the other people that were breaking the law and didn’t get caught. Well, that sucks....it might not feel fair ...but your number just came up. Not just sucks that this situation (ignor others) happends more often. Personally I have seen it 3 times in three years.
  4. Financial Analyst for a Med Mal Insurance Company - pass the bills Have my own business ventures (tax prep and small business) - pays for the bills that arrive from having fun (fishing hunting)
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    Need to make it up there and check these out... Was going to go with the B&W but want the color...
  6. Hey Bill (Scott Pugh here). Will have to look you up for some of those summer cases you sell. I love my ice packs that you have and actually need a few more as the rod selection has increased ove rtime... Talk to you soon.
  7. Sorry about this but I just had to laugh at your story. I always think things happen for a reason, maybe in those 20 minutes a deer would have run a cross the road causing a huge accident. Good to hear everything is back together and you are fishing in comfort... Again sorry about laughing at your story.
  8. Fergus Falls area huh? Before I saw that I would have guessed Wisconsin somewhere. Man there had to be about a hundred of them
  9. The guys who do this mold are friends of the family. They can go 50mph at LOW in sleds and nothing moves... A little spendy but worth it in my opinion... Quote: They were selling a plastic mold for inside the sleds at the ST PAUL ice fishing show I saw. Never got a manufacturer's name, but someone else might know.
  10. 8+" in Grand Rapids I know for sure as of last weekend... Heading up this weekend.
  11. I can post one out of every 7 times I try... It just is really slow to open up a new post, etc...
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    1990's Jiffy Model 30 - 3hp - 10" Pro - Starts 2nd pull everytime, will cut new holes & recut holes through anything and everything. Con - Weight (Suck it up pansies) Will be picking up the new Stealth STX 2hp - 8" in February on a killer deal!!! Can't beat the 1-2-3 warranty. One on the engine, two on the Gears, THREE YEAR WARRANTY on the BLADES.
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