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  1. HI is a tougher proposition on the North shore vs. southeast Mn (topography being a main concern). You have a granite based layering unlike southeast Mn where you have limsetone, valleys, meadows, etc. Accessibility is not as easy to garner up 'Nort. Personally, I know what they do for H.I. here (see the intensive H.I. TU has done on the Middle Branch of the WW and Trout Run), but I couldn't even offer a guess as to what they would do for H.I. in the North Country. Beaver Dam removal aside, that is. Just my 2 cents, D.A.
  2. The whole article appears on the mntu site. I won't offer a link, but it's a .org site. Do some looking around and you can read the entire article. It's an alarming article from not just a fisheries perspective, but from an environmental perspective as well. Take care, D.A.
  3. trico

    Root River Camping

    If you intend on canoeing the Root and doing an overnight, contact the DNR and get a Root River map (free). Their canpsites are clearly designated and marked, many complete with an outdoor facility (sorry no walls) and fire pits. Otherwise, I'd second Eagle Cliff - had a great time there this spring at the TU Rendezvous.
  4. Clouds of insects in the AM this time of year, sounds like midges. I've seen lots of cream midges as of late...hopefully I'll find some LH today.
  5. The Root has been exceptionally clean all spring as the prior post said. If it does happen to be off colored, then hit areas like Forrestville or its tribs. The small feeder creeks will clear in a heartbeat versus the bigger flowages like the Root or Whitewater. Good luck.
  6. trico

    Monday outing

    Glad you had a good outing. There are still lots of caddis larvae if you turn over the rocks and take a peek (plus caddis larvae and emergers are a cinch to tie). There's no question that there should be some decent caddis over the next ten days, then we're off to the Light Hendricksons...can't wait!
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