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  1. well I checked with my Ford dealership and was told $408 for plugs. At nearly 80 yoa, I think I will have it done at the dealership.
  2. How much should I expect to pay at a dealership to replace the spark plugs on a 3.5 ecoboost F150?
  3. put a few miles on the s x s last week and saw three adult birds no broods, this was north of Orr.
  4. I have a 2013 ecoboost since new, now have 85,000. Starts right up.
  5. I am heading up to zone 118 Wednesday with 6 others planning to stay till the end of the season.
  6. They do some crazy things. I recall last year a grouse would follow a atv around everytime the person would drive into the birds home area.
  7. Anyone been out this past week? My bird hunting has been cut short this year so I am depending on others to keep me up to date. My wife has Breast Cancer and is starting radiation treatments soon, lasting a good part of October. I may be able to do some deer hunting depending how she is feeling. She has had surgery and the outlook is great and she feels great so that's the main thing. Good luck to all you hunters.
  8. Hunted Grouse near Ely Sat and again Monday morning. Saw 2 bagged 1 Sat. Monday a nice cool day saw 10 and bagged 5, a couple young birds in the mix. It appears to be much improved over last year.
  9. I have a pd v2 never use a foot pedal and have no issues deploying the motor and it has a universal ducer. For me it works fine. btw I am 75 yoa.
  10. Dusty


    Went up to open the trailer for the season and found the front window had shattered sometime since last oct. Luckily it has a rock shield that covers the window so minimal water got inside. Just wondering if anyone here has replaced a camper window and what I can expect to pay. The window is 4' x 2' tinted safety glass.
  11. I bought 3 about a month ago haven't used them yet.
  12. I am with you. I also hate the inlines. Have one but never use it.
  13. do you have a paid subscription to direct tv? u have to have a receiver box hooked to your dish and then to the tv. I live in the twin cities and have a trailer in the International falls area which is 300 miles away. I have dish tv at home I bought a second dish for the trailer. I bring a box from one of my TV's at home to my trailer and get all the stations I get at home including the local ones.
  14. You can buy after market bags at fleet farm precut 32 bags $8 and change. Don't recall the brand but come in a green box
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