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  1. Dusty

    Powerdrive V2 vs. Terrova

  2. Dusty

    Powerdrive V2 vs. Terrova

    I have a pd v2 never use a foot pedal and have no issues deploying the motor and it has a universal ducer. For me it works fine. btw I am 75 yoa.
  3. Dusty


    Went up to open the trailer for the season and found the front window had shattered sometime since last oct. Luckily it has a rock shield that covers the window so minimal water got inside. Just wondering if anyone here has replaced a camper window and what I can expect to pay. The window is 4' x 2' tinted safety glass.
  4. Dusty

    "new tip-up"

    I bought 3 about a month ago haven't used them yet.
  5. I am with you. I also hate the inlines. Have one but never use it.
  6. Dusty

    Directv Local Channels

    do you have a paid subscription to direct tv? u have to have a receiver box hooked to your dish and then to the tv. I live in the twin cities and have a trailer in the International falls area which is 300 miles away. I have dish tv at home I bought a second dish for the trailer. I bring a box from one of my TV's at home to my trailer and get all the stations I get at home including the local ones.
  7. Dusty


    You can buy after market bags at fleet farm precut 32 bags $8 and change. Don't recall the brand but come in a green box
  8. Dusty


    I have had 2 food saver machines over the past 15 years, the last being a game saver model I have used for the last 6. One trick I use is to wrap my moist items in food wrap prior to sealing. It will keep the juice or blood from going into the sealing area. I do this on all my venison and fish. Seldom have a problem not sealing properly. The game saver also has a moist setting feature. I have found that reusing bags sometimes causes the bags not to seal properly. So if I do things like Venison, that I know I will keep frozen a while, I use unused bags.
  9. Looking at the Accuweather forecast I will guess Christmas time in the Metro to walk on.
  10. Dusty

    Covering Camper Question

    I have left mine uncovered for the last 10 years. It sits on a year around lot near International Falls. No issues so far.
  11. Dusty

    Boat Cover

    I can highly recommend North country covers in Crystal. I had a snap down cover made for my 1850 Crestliner this spring. Not cheap at $710 but great quality.
  12. Dusty

    Barbless hook survey

  13. Dusty

    Eskimo HC40

    we bought one too and have had the same experience. I would add quite.
  14. Dusty

    How would you rate an Eskimo ice auger?

    We just bought the 40cc 4 stroke propane. starts and runs great, the first couple of days. cuts with no issues and opens old hole easily. A great buy at cabela's at $419 - $80 coupon and free auger storage bag.
  15. Dusty

    Gopher Football 2014

    Where are all the Mn Gohper nay sayers today, Kill is dump, can't win a big game, not going to a major bowl, well well looky see.