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  1. I plan on getting one just probably need to get back to work. I picked up a eagle cuda 168 depth finder with temp. I wanted a fish finder depthfinder temp thing also so will go with this for now. at least it shows the structure of the lake and will make it a little easier for trolling and i thats what i want to get into. i can quess on the speed for now. if there hungry they will bit. by the by i did catch a 20" 4+lb bass yesterday just drifting with a sucker minnow. thank you guys for all the help.
  2. Thank you for the help guys. What is a calender and how does it work for checking speeds? I checked out the H20 the local sports shop only had color and that was 279. with another 100+for the chip for it.
  3. Thank you Guys, Going to check out the H20 now. thanks again.
  4. pierBridge, thanks for the input. which would you recomend? have you heard of the Lowrance H20 non color? would that work for checking the speeds? thank you
  5. Hey everyone, How is fishing going. Just got a 14'boat and have been hitting the lakes a little bit. doing pretty good on sunnies trying to troll for northerns and not much luck there. good luck everyone.
  6. would a hand held GPS unit do that? what would you a recommend? thank you
  7. Hi, I just got a boat this spring,14'with a 6hp motor, how do you tell how fast you are going. with out any electronics? also for a newbie what would you recomend for electronics without spending a lot of $$$$ as I am not working at the time. thanks
  8. March 4th, I have the calender marked. How is the ice, well we be able to drive out? will it be in the same spot as last year? Last year was my 1st time I met a lot of really nice guys and the fishing was great i even Iced my 1st and only cat. Thanks everyone. Lynn
  9. Russ, Check out rv.net. they have a lot of helpfull people on there site also.(not that the ones here are not). Fun group of people just like FM minnesota, but more camping and travel trailers than fishing. Good luck
  10. How much cord with it 50' or 100', black and white or color screen, how big is the screen 4" or5" does it have the water temp, and depth of camera when in the water? what is the exact model# of the aqua view? would you be able to ship it to golden valley, or maple lake? Thanks Lynn
  11. Are you guys talking about the lawernce h-20 or h-20 plus, both are listed on there web site, but like a 100.00 differece between the two. Thanks.
  12. Well i see it is still for sale I looked under your sight and nothing came up under vehicles. What is the least amount you would take for it? would it tow a 13' scamp travel trailer that weights about 1000#s? my email is [email protected] My cell # is 612 508 2656 also is it auto or manual transmisson? I reread your post and see it would tow the scamp, how about some inter pics ya have any? thanks.
  13. Nice, someday maybe i will be able to catch one, 1st have to get out fishing.
  14. Lynno62

    too good

    Perhaps try another term, if you want to call her after having her stay. When I took my Choc. lab to school stay was just that stay, but we used wait if we were going to call them or have them do some thing else. Just a thought. Good luck.
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