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  1. No we are not going to have a booth at the milwauke show. Too many shows...too little time. The saltist was the levelwind version. The best place to find an older 7000? The online classified sites. I found mine in an add from a salmon fisherman near sheboygan WI.
  2. Thanks for stopping by the booth Ryan. The show was fun. All kinds of new toys out there this year. As far as reels go...it’s very difficult to find a reel that will hold up to the abuse of Muskie fishing. We have to pick and choose from reels that are not designed for what we all do with them. Unfortunately there is not a "Muskie reel" out there, so it really isn’t the manufacturers fault....the reels that fail are just not intended to handle the strain of a pulling cowgirl or a heavy Bulldawg. I have had a lot of reels go down over the years, some quicker than others. I have not used the Luna all that much, but I do know that they have been decent performers. I use an array of reels these days. I am using a few calcutta 700b’s most of the time, but also have a trinidad 14 for cowgirls...a calcutta 400te, a 400b and I also have a made in Sweden Abu Garcia 7000 which i love. I have used a lot of reels over the years and these have become my personal favorites. With all that said, the saltist 30 has been solid over the last season for a LOT of people including a lot of the guides out there. It is a good reel and it also has a nice price point wherever one shops. Thanks again. Chris from Thorne Bros
  3. thorne does have them...and they are also on the HSOforum.
  4. if you decide to get them, be sure to grab the 130# ones. they will help you decide there too, but you dont wanna accidentally grab the 80# ones. i am still using a bunch of mine from three years ago. just needed to change the snaps. awesome leaders.
  5. thorne makes their own leaders. they do not carry stealth. the difference between a stealth leader and the ones at thorne are zero beside the name. they both use the same snaps, the same flouro leader materials, and components. brett has been makin them there for a long time and they are put together very well.
  6. i made the switch to calcutta 700's last year and havent looked back. i was using the abu 7000's and burned through a lot of them. 4 hsn's and two c3's. the newer abu's just dont hold up to a lot of use. The older "made in sweden" 7000's were great. the reason a big reel like a 700 or 7000 is good. Because they have a huge spool and lower gear ratio, it makes the reel very powerful and they pick up a lot of line per crank (larger spool=more line grab). they make the cowgirls much more bareable. 400 calcuttas or 400 cardiffs are good reels, but just dont have the line capacity or power that these other reels have....they are too small, makin you work harder. the 700 calcutta has been great for burning small buctails, topwater, cranks and is the best bulldawg reel i have ever used. i would absolutely recommend it. If you want a reel for only cowgirl use, then the shimano trinidad 14 is a great option. This thing is all power and speed. but it does not have a line guide, so this reel wont work with a lot of other baits.
  7. No comparison, thorne has the best all in one. better guides, premium cork, solid graphite blanks, handmade/start from scratch quality, personalization, literally hundreds of options and designs, built and designed by some of the best...........
  8. i contacted ice armour about this directly and they actually answer this question on their HSOforum....its under the q and a section. but it basically says to hand wash. one of the employees said its ok to use "light" detergent and put them on the delicate cycle. hang dry when done. did it last night and they came out fine
  9. so just a dab of detergent, got it thanks
  10. is it ok to use a detergent? i have heard it will gunk up and ruin the waterproofing on some rain gear.
  11. tips are a very easy fix. if your tip-top is just turning on your blank or if it poped off, that is an easy fix. just like matt said those tip-tops are epoxied on using heat. you can just take a lighter to the tip-top to reheat the glue that is already in the tip. dont hold the lighter to the tip for too long, doesnt take a lot to reheat them. then spin the tip-top to the correct position and let it sit for 10-15 mins...should be good as new. you can actually buy a stick of epoxy at thorne, have them show you how to do it correctly and your set for good
  12. thorne bros will repair that no problem. just bring in the rod when you can and it will be done in a couple of days
  13. Quote: CaptainStevo, well said. If you learn how to sharpen one, those ubiquitous Rapalas are a wonderful knife!
  14. i just feel like i am cheating with electic
  15. i am in need of a GOOD fillet knife, i am sick of the rapala knives where the edge doesnt last long and doesnt sharpen well....any ideas out there where i can get a knife that will last me for a long time?
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