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  1. If mostly a grouse dog I'd vote pointing dog. If you two like the look of springers you can get black and white or liver and white brittanys too. Otherwise pointing dogs come in all colors, sizes and coats, take some time to look around.
  2. Just saw one run from them a couple weeks ago. Has my vote.
  3. Great stuff Ken. I think sit to flush would make more sense to train than letting him chase and then recalling. After a couple flushes and immediate sit whistle (using the same training birds), he'll associate the flush with the sit whistle. I see two problems with having him chase then recall. 1) He's not associating the recall with anything. He'll chase different distances each time before he gets the whistle. 2) Because of #1 you'll have to blow the recall whistle every time a bird flushes.
  4. Do some reading around here and come up with what type of dog you're looking for (close ranging/big running, small and compact/big and leggy, really bold/not so bold, etc). Then I'd give Minnesota Brittany Club or St. Croix Valley Brittanys a call. All pups are "registered" but if you're looking at puting the time and effort in a hunting dog you make part of your family, you'll want the breeder to at least take the time to breed registered (I'd go as far as hunt test/trialed) dogs. A dog they refer you to may cost another $200 - $300 more. But that dog will have the breeding and generations of best of best dogs that ensures it'll be one heck of a hunter. The "I have a brit and it hunts and you have a brit that hunts" breeding is a crapshoot. You'll have that dog maybe 10 hunting seasons and the $20 - $30 a year will really seem inexpensive if you end up on the wrong end of the crapshoot. The clubs care about what's in the best interest of you and the dog. More so than internet forums. Be honest with them about what you want and they'll figure the rest out. For the record now my brittany cost $400 and came out of MH lines. Not all breeders are interested in making a lot of money, they're the best.
  5. I can vouch for this. No sit, just whoa or you will have trouble when steadying later. Get that dog in the field as much as possible even if there aren't a ton of birds around you. She'll learn to use the wind, how to check in with you, the difference between a fence post and cow pies, etc.
  6. I give my brittany a generic fish oil pill that I get in bulk for next to nothing. Bottle says three pills a day for humans. Two feedings a day for the dog, two pills a day - worked well. I switched to a different generic fish oil pill about a year ago. I couldn't figure out why everything in the house smelled like dead northerns. After a week of dead northern smell, I happened to read the bottle while feeding the dog. One pill a day per adult person. I got real close to the dog, took one whiff and found my northern. Learned lesson: read labels, don't give a 45lb dog double a humans' dose of anything.
  7. I keep thinking of those Ben O. Williams clips you see with 8 or 9 brits out West pointing, honoring and then all relocating to pin down covey after covey, hill after hill. And doing it every day. I'd be hard to believe he has less than 4 breeding-age females and I can't imagine a better possible life for a dog. I don't want to live under a gov where that can't happen. I don't want my brit to know that exists or next time he's without ecollar I have a feeling he'd take off West without me.
  8. Is there another beeper setting? Tri Tronics has the on-point beeper but the actual ecollar also has an almost silent beeper that I use as a silent recall so I'm not blowing a whistle or yelling for the dog to come back around. I use this feature a lot. Not too familiar with the DT systems but I thought all had either a quiet beeper or a buzzer. Could be wrong though...
  9. Tie a knot around a zip tie with any type of string and loop the zip tie around the ankle of the bird and tighten. Leave 4-5 ft of string hanging from the zip tie. I'll put some duct tape around the end of the string so you can see the string better when they land. Here's your flagged quail. Orange flyline works well too because it's so light. I'd keep my dog on a check cord if he wants to pounce because pen-raised quail can't be trusted to wild flush. Once you advance your steadying you'll be able to pick the quail up by the end of the string and have it trying to flush a couple feet from the dog for 10-15 seconds before you let it go and fly away.
  10. Lots of good info. It's hard to get hard enough "pops" with a flat collar. I used a prong collar very lightly, and in the garage.
  11. If I was able to waterfowl that often I'd look at a Chessie. Other than that, what Todd said above. A little research here will tell you a lot about British labs. Sift through the junk. The lab in general is a commonly bred dog. Each good breeder will be breeding for the traits and standards they think are most important. Find those out and you'll be fine. Then training starts and it gets interesting.
  12. Depending on where you are in St. Paul, there was one I used just across the river on Lake Street that was actually really good and cheap. Used it for the couple months I had a pup in college in St. Paul. I always thought my pup was going to get his first training to gunfire there though!
  13. "to keep my male company and eventually have pups" "And fcspringer, there's no way he can compete with you and your buddies dogs in fake situations" Can't imagine how you'd rub people wrong...
  14. Moved to it about a year ago. My brittany has a very thin, dry coat and itches a lot. It wasn't a miracle food but I can definitely tell the difference. Coat is silky now. Still itches but not nearly as bad. I feed about 2/3 of what I did in Purina Pro Plan so figure that in the price. Stools are a lot smaller and always firm - probably the biggest change. If my dog didn't have coat issues I'd still be on PPP. If you're ever at the Game Fair, stop by and talk to the reps. You can learn a lot. This is funny because my roommate went to a bulk pet supply store in Shakopee tonight and came home with TOTW. He inquired about food and the person working steered him in the TOTW direction. Good choice!
  15. Great write-up. Haven't had dogs long enough to lose one yet but this was a great reminder of what's important in life.
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