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  1. I purchased one a few months ago and am totally satisfied. Here's my set-up: Mathew's Z7 65 lb/28 inch Spot Hogg Hunter (5-pin) Vapor Trail Limb Driver Rest Carbon Express Maxima Hunters Mathews T5 Quiver Rage 3-blade broadheads
  2. I'm using a tral camera with an external 12-volt auxillary power jack. The cords are $10. I have plenty of spare 12-volt batteries from ice fishing that I plan on using to power the trail camera's. I've been told the 12-volt batteries will last much longer then the four C batteries. If I were to use a sportsmans box or ammo box, I'd have to run the cord out the bottom so rain wouldn't get in and ruin the battery, right? Or have you guys had no issues with leaving battery on the ground?
  3. mnhunter79, How are you running the wire out of the box? Also, did you mount the box to the tree with your trail cam or just set it on the ground?
  4. I'm trying to figure out the best way to make a 12-volt battery box for my trail cam's. It has to be weatherproof and a cord needs to run from the trail cam to the box. Does anyone have any suggestions or have made one themselves? If so, pictures would be a great reference. Thanks!
  5. Just wondering if any of you have purchased the Vendetta and have mounted it on your bow. I'm curious to find out what you like or dislike about them. I need to purchase a range finder this year and thought maybe this would be the way to go. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks.
  6. We're planting food plots for the first time and we have similar soil conditions. Our land is near Little Falls, MN. We're going to plant soybeans due to their ability to withstand round-up. Good luck!
  7. Koonie, First of all I'm left-handed so I might have lost you already. I'm looking for a Monster or Reezen with a 28" draw length and 70# draw weight. I'd be interested in a used bow that is all set-up since I currently do not own any parts. I guess we'd have to talk about price depending on what you have to offer.
  8. I visited Archery Country this past weekend and shot the new Mathews Z7. It is a very smooth bow and I'd love to own one. I've only shot the Monster for comparison and felt the Z7 was smoother. I'm wondering if any Reezen owners have had a chance to shoot the new Z7 and what your thoughts are comparing it to your Reezen. I'm thinking of purchasing a used (2009) Reezen or Monster for the right price.
  9. I'm in favor of the climber. I hunt on private property with a number of permanent stands to hunt from on any given day. However, being mobile and having the luxury of setting up over sign is sweet. There are guys who hunt our land with ladder stands which have sat where they are for years. I think they planned on being mobile with their ladder stands but with all the work and effort it takes to move them I understand why they haven't moved much over the years. In their defense, most of the ladder stands are for rifle season but when it comes to bow hunting the mobility of a climber is the way to go. I ended up purchasing a 4-year old Lone Wolf sit & climb from a guy and called Lone Wolf and had them send me replacement parts (i.e. traction belts, bow holder grommet, and seat). I love the setup.
  10. How are you supposed to suffer in stands like these?
  11. Thanks for the input guys! After a weekend of practicing I already know I'm going to really enjoy bow hunting. Therefore, making the right purchases early is going to be key. I'm going to utilize the permanent stands for the first weekend and do a little scouting. I'll figure out what areas look good and my best options (i.e. climber stand vs. groundblind) for hunting these areas if a permanent stand isn't available. Hopefully stores will start having sales on their stands and groundblinds as the season progresses so I have money at the end of the season or early Spring to buy a new bow. Good luck to all of you!
  12. Alright, I know it's getting a little too close to the bow season to start bow hunting but my cousin has offered to let me use his old bow this year and this will be my first year bow hunting. He's bringing it over tonight so I'll have this weekend and some nights next week to practice shooting with it. I really hope the bow "fits" me enough so I can give it a shot this year. If all things go well, I'll probably purchase a fairly new bow this winter/spring. Anyway, our family has plenty of private land which is littered with permanent deer stands. My question for all you is, should I try my chances using the permanent stands this bow season or should I go out and purchase something portable? If so, should I purchase a portable stand or a ground blind? I've been reading a lot of articles about ground blinds and if I decided to purchase one, could also use it during turkey season. What are your thoughts?
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    Yeah, then everyone can get photos of him in his Vikings jersey
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    That is classic! I have to post that on our fantasy football site.
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