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  1. I hope you didn't get slapped or get arrested! LOL Sorry I had to, it just made me laugh when I saw your post. OldSchool
  2. Seismic Thunder, PM sent. Hope it helps. Oldschool
  3. All of mine are cork also. The ones that had the rubber stopper I got rid of and replaced with cork. Nothing better than to go add oil in a pan and have the stopper fall out or leak!
  4. You might have a broken motor mount. I had one that was broken and it would hardly take off but once you got it rolling it seemed fine. Took a bit to find the problem. I too would be checking the belt, carbs, jetting, clutch's, track...... Old School
  5. Service manual said 2 1/2 turns out from bottom. It sounds like you have more going on than a carb setting if its getting oil all over the carb and fouling out plugs. Oldschool
  6. You should check Mankato's list, say oct 20th...............It's not mine, just saw it the other day.
  7. • All shelters placed on the ice of Minnesota waters must have either the (1) complete name and address, (2) driver’s license number, or (3) the nine-digit Minnesota DNR number on the license of the owner plainly and legibly displayed on the outside in letters, and figures at least 2 inches in height. From MN DNR site........
  8. Is the wind blowing from the west or east?
  9. Quote: Hey wouldn't it have been a whole lot easier to just swap the hoods and be down Now were is the fun in that?
  10. My kid uses his hooked to his Collett Communicator. He puts his Ipod in his inside coat pocket and it was -10 with wind chill. He never had a problem. Old School.
  11. WOW, We get snow in Minnesota? I thought that was a legend.
  12. And the fine is $30.00 and you only get a year sticker. If you get the sticker now it's $30.00 for 3years.
  13. Funny thing. On craigs list, someone has posted a snowmobile add. It states "Will trade for snow!" LOL, I saw that ad too. That was at "Irondogs", I was thinking the same thing "will trade for SNOW"
  14. LaZyDayZ, Give Miner equipment in Blooming Prairie a call they have used snowmobile stuff. Heres there number (507)583-2712 They have all makes and models of older sleds.
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