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  1. Well i was lucky enough to hook into a nice walleye this weekend and took plenty of pictures of it. However it wasnt quite big enough for me to keep the actual fish. I would like to make a graphite replica of it tho cuz the story behind catching it has some value. My question is who does good graphite work? And are you guys happy with the way graphites look?
  2. Headed out around Bismarck with the gang and woke up Saturday morning to a sleet/freezing rain. A little miserable to set up decoys in but we got the job done. Finished early enough to take a little snooze in the blinds before sunup. I thought I was dreaming when i awoke to snowflakes. The day ended up being very good. Had a lot of drakes lock up and come into our decoys out of no where in the fog. Shot 2 lessers as well. The tip of the migration has started with seeing alot of lesser flocks. All in all the day was a good one after the feeling came back in our toes Me sleeping in my blind The Bleedin' Feathers Good Luck to everyone and I should have some more reports to come as the 'gration continues. Kyle
  3. Thanks for the input guys. I actually was in Fargo today at scheels and picked up the SUB for 150 bucks. Should work out alright by my standards. Thanks again!
  4. Just curious on what your opinions are. Looking at buying the GHG Ground Force or the FA Sport Utility Blind. Pros/cons to each. Thanks for the help.
  5. These guys nailed it. Shiner+big jig=lotsofun
  6. Theres a pedal lift u can purchase that can lift up the back of the sled so you can put it underneath, otherwise mdify a car jack. This way it only takes one person. I've also noticed with these newer sleds. The suspension is so varied that its is hard to lift the machin off the ground by hand. My only other complaint is that on mine the wheels are so small that when rolling they sometimes get jammed up in the breaks of the concrete. Just some things to look out for.
  7. I went out last Friday and Saturday. Friday night was slow but Saturday morning we hammered em. Fish were suspended. Prefered red but didnt matter what kind of bait. Only one sunny out of the 18 crappie we kept. All the Crappie were over 9 1/2 inches. The weather did not agree with us (windy and overcast) but we stuck through it and prevaled.
  8. 48" Sturgeon on the Rainy. My avatar pic taken with a cell phone.
  9. My neighbor is selling both his 1999 and his 1993 Worriors. The 99 is an Alba edition and is asking for about 2500. The 93 for 1900. Im debating which one to get, if to get one of em at all. Are these prices resonable? As for condition goes for both are good. Mileage is all trail miles. The man knows his quads and I know they were taken good care of, Im just looking for some opinions, Thanks.
  10. I would have to go with mill lacs the way its been this year. Then again, I'd always pick LOW over anything.
  11. My neighbor has the 04 Eiger. He is a pretty hardcore rider and has taken that thing through some tough stuff. He has his own garage and does all of his own mantinance on it and says its a breeze. I myself have rode it a couple of times and have no complaints, just wish it had IRS. Usually you can't beat the price on em though.
  12. Also, take a look at the track, make sure your not buying a sled with a bad track cause theres a cool 500 more to replace one of those. Look for: studs still in place and no fraying, also rust, and as said before the plastic.
  13. Pretty much what those guys said. As far as shack, I had the same delema last year. I chose the FishTrap yukon for the fact that it came with the seats and holding trays. Your gonna need a hi fax runner kit though for when you do start pullin it behind the quad. Good Luck
  14. Just need some troubleshooting help. The sled is my uncles and hes one of those that doesn't believe in maintinance. Im left working on it if i want to use it (his main sled is a 97 cat). The machine is very stuborn to start. I cant get it goin unless i use some starting fliud. Once its goin it runs great(suprisingly). Im just wonderin if any of you guys have any tips/ ideas to help. By the way ive already managed to change the plugs on it with little results. Thanks
  15. If it was me, I would get the FL-18. Especally for walleyes on LOW. But for your case, you also NEED to get the FL-18 do to the fact that we are fishing together and I would like to barrow it now and then. Have you looked into marcum at all? Just a thought. -King
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