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  1. pudge

    8 days..

    Can't wait! 8 days until the spring training schedule starts. I'm pretty excited, we got the entire staff back that lead the AL in ERA last year, the best all around outfield, Mauer says he feels good. Things are looking pretty sweet. I really only see one question mark...the infield. More so the left side. Rivas and Morneau will be fine. Need to see what happens at 3rd and SS. What do you guys think?
  2. pudge


    Are memory loss and hallucinations a side effect of roids? Ask Jose how his brothers doin. Chances are he probably doesn't know he has one.
  3. pudge


    Right on, all these guys juice, some more than others. It was tolerated up until recently. I'm amazed some 'experts' still insist that roids have a minimal affect on baseball players. Remember Jose's brother Ozzie? Not many do. You think he was stickin needles in his (Contact US Regarding This Word) along with brother Jose? Why did Jose succeed and not Ozzie? Just a thought.
  4. Has anyone else heard of a J. Kidd to the Wolves rumor? Not sure if it is legit. Let me know what you got. Sounds like he wants out of Jersey pretty bad. Can't say I blame him.
  5. pudge


    It's a tough call. Chances are it will never be fully know what the truth is. All I know is that I can't take much more of it. SportCenter, Dan Patrick Show, that's all they talk about. SUCKS. We need Dibble back on DP.
  6. Thw Twins are a model of what a ball team SHOULD be run like. Home grown talent with focus on the fundamentals. I know it's not what necessarily is gonna sell more tickets, but it sure is sweet. Unlike the Evil Empire. I believe the yanks are in town on a Fri., Sat., Sun. this year. Sweet.
  7. Thanks man. There are some pretty sweet avatars on www.sudhian.com. Check it out, it's kinda a techy site.
  8. Are you thinking of Rod Strickland?
  9. I agree, but I don't think our pitching staff has any major question marks. I'm concerned w/ the new look infield. We're gonna need some of the younger boys to step up. There's alot of potential there, just need em to show up.
  10. What do you think Mays will do, if anything this year? It would be huge to get some decent innings out of him. It seems like his situation has been the same for the past 4 years. It would be nice to get some results.
  11. We were on Enemy on Sunday during the rain. Had some puddles build up by the end of the day but the ice was still quite thick where we were. 24-26 inches. The access points to the lake were the worst, lots of water. I would think you should be alright. Spent Sat. & Sun morning on Waubay before most of the rain. Plenty of ice there as well.
  12. pudge

    Gopher Men

    What was that? What happened against NW? Are you kinding me. Is it the typical MN sports team curse? I don't mean to sound negative, by now I guess we all should be used to it. I think they still got a solid shot at the NCAA's. Sucks that 4 of their last 6 are on the road. If they can pull 4 or maybe even 3 W's out of there and win a couple in the Big Ten tourney, I think they have a legitimate shot.
  13. i agree, you can't go wrong for 50 bucks. maybe we'll see ya there.
  14. anyone headin to Pierre the first weekend in February for the DU banquet? should be a good show.
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