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  1. Area 197. Our group was quite lucky considering the lack of tracks I saw after the snow. I was done 2 minutes into the season with a 10 point. We also got a 8 point at 8:30 Saturday. We had a picture of this buck near a scrape at midnight 8 hours before. We also harvested a 7 point at 3 in the afternoon. Not much shooting heard outside of our group. We were 3 for 4. All healthy looking 2.5 year old deer.
  2. My son was discouraged because he had never shot a deer 10 years ago when my dad shot his last buck. I told my son he had his whole life to shoot deer and this was probably grandpas last. My dad was as excited as my son was when he finally shot his first deer. He died 7 years ago but the hunting and fishing trips with him and my sons I will always cherish. I think it would have been cool if your dad would have got that buck. Those are the things you remember. I am sure you will get him or one bigger if you don't give up.
  3. Congratulations and thank for pulling me out of the snow drift. Thanks to everyone that got me un-stuck and it was a pleasure meeting you all. My sons asked me why I would want to go meet up with a bunch of people I do not know to go spearing. I told them that most people that spear are good guys and girls. Keegan, the son that came with me stated how nice everyone was. Mike thanks for grilling, you did a great job. I am still full. I will keep an eye on the first week of December for the Winny trip. Gregg
  4. I have never speared in 19 feet before but that is where the truck got stuck. We have see two smaller ones. Waiting for the big one.
  5. I think I might join you guys whether any of my sons come with me or not. I have wanted to come other times but have been busy. I took my spear house of the lake tonight and I have it in the trailer. I will bring some Cajun Venison Sausage.
  6. I have two 4X6 houses that seat two people, one on either side of the hole. Before those were built we had a 4X4 which was fine for one person.
  7. We saw a couple nice size ones yesterday. They sure come in slow compared to the hammer handles.
  8. Being lucky enough to have two of my sons to get bucks this year we have ample venison for sausage. I enjoy making sausage and this year in addition to my favorite Cajun sausage my youngest son wanted me to make summer sausage. The only thing I don't care for is the mixing with the hands. As I get older it seems to make my hands colder and cramp up sooner. I thought about buying the $150 hand mixer but being the tight wad I am I thought of another way. I purchased a food safe 5 gallon pail and a Mix All Mixer from Menards. It says that it is specially designed to ensure an even mix of paints, drywall mud and other SUBSTANCES. By that I think they meant venison sausage. I mounted the mixer in my drill press and it really worked slick. I mixed about 12.5 lbs at a time. Frying a sample proved it was mixed well. Not bad for a $10 investment. Tomorrow I will grind the Cajun sausage and stuff both. Saturday and Sunday are for smoking.
  9. I saw two does with two fawns each and two bucks on Saturday. I saw the one buck approaching me that had a white thing hanging down that looked bloody. I suspected someone had a bad shot at it. I took a shot at which I thought was 40 and was closer to 50, I ended up shooting under the chest. I would not have shot if it had not been wounded. I prefer shots inside 35 yds. Fairly good blood trail and was surprised not to see someone tracking it. After finding my arrow I tracked it to someone else who had shot and finished it after it went to a scrape. It was probably about 160 pound 9 point scoring about 110-115? Good to see it did not suffer a slow death possibly. The white thing hanging down was a piece of tallow from inside it's ribcage. Looks like whomever wounded it was directly above and just got inside the ribcage. Everybody in our group of 5 saw deer on Saturday, very few on Sunday.
  10. There you go Bluehat. Congrats. I have my submission sheet ready to fill out tomorrow or Monday. Weather is more springlike now.
  11. I am going to wait out the weather and hunt Sunday and Monday in the Red Wing area. After this weather the toms are probably going to be going crazy. Look to add some points to ghost's score.
  12. Congrats!! I am hunting D and was going to hunt Thur-Sat. With the weather in the SE I think I will hunt Sat-Monday.
  13. Sounds like a fair amount of us will be hunting this week? Good luck everyone. As any other season for me seems like the weather will not be the best. The gobblers still do what they do, it is just not as enjoyable to be out there.
  14. I have been hunting turkeys about 32 years. I started when I would make trips to Missouri with my father. Then I started hunting MN when it got easier to get tags. I have attempted with the bow but I usually start with it and finish with the gun. Saw two gobblers out in yards trying to dry off here in Chanhassen yesterday.
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