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  1. mnhunter2

    Unattended Lines?

    If I leave my 2 lines down when I leave my fishouse and go to my buddies house say 75’ away they are considered unattended and illegal, but what if the lines are on buzzer reels and I use a baby monitor to listen for a bite?
  2. mnhunter2

    Locking your fish house?

    Can I lock my fishouse when I’m in it?
  3. mnhunter2

    Fish house mattresses

    I went to Walmart and bought some mattress pads and cut them to fit, cheap and works fine.
  4. mnhunter2

    Marcum repair help?

    Still no returned LX9 and they have had it in there shop for 14 business days, they have returned my emails but seem to be unable to get it done very timely. Not very good service in my opinion!
  5. mnhunter2

    Marcum repair help?

    Sent my LX9 into marcum last week and was wondering about repair times and if anyone had a phone number for the repair center?
  6. mnhunter2

    Fish house furnaces

    Have had both types of furnaces in my fishouses and they both work fine but I really like the quite empire, doesn't need power and a small fan is really quite compared to a forced air furnace.
  7. mnhunter2

    Best deep water panfish reel

    25 to 35 ft
  8. mnhunter2

    Best deep water panfish reel

    Looking for a great reel for fishing really light line in deep water for panfish, price is not part of the process.
  9. mnhunter2

    Ice auger holder for atv

    Digger is one of the best, bounced it all over over Lake Winnipegs rough ice and worked great!
  10. mnhunter2

    Electric Jacks on a wheel house

    Firebrand makes a wheelhouse with electric jacks.
  11. Jack broke off my aluminum framed wheel house hitch and looking for the quickest set up to lower the front, jack seems slow and need ideas on going to a winch system, any thoughts about best design.
  12. mnhunter2

    FireBrand Fish Houses

    I also bought a Firebrand house last yr and would like ideas about how to speed up the raising and lowering.
  13. I won the turkey contest a few years ago and got a really nice slate call as a prize and its became my favorite call. The problem is that I lost it this spring and would like to get another one. It was hand made and had a bible verse inscribed on it, would anyone be able to get me information on the call maker please.
  14. mnhunter2

    Chip for hummingbird 597ci hd?

    Just got a 597ci to mount on the 4wheeler and have been looking for a chip for it, either Lakemaster or navionics? Going to lake Winnipeg and need GPS with good maps.
  15. Looking for a taxidermist to mount sunfish in sw mn.