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  1. Well besides some great fishing on the Big River you will have some outstanding trout fishing all around you. I would check out North and South Bear Creeks as well as Waterloo that flows through Dorchester. Look for some of your deeper runs and pools to throw small inline spinnerbaits, raps, and plastics. Remember to cast upstream and bring the bait downstream or cross current. As the fish will be positioning themselves facing upstream. Also your more active fish will be at the head of a run or pool so try to fish that first. They also can spook very easily so use caution and approach quitely and slowly at a lower angle. And give the fly-rod a try, I found nymphs to be a a bigger fish approach.. Whats nice about much of this water is you can fish it from shore with only a few crossings in knee deep water. Trout fishing reminds me alot of working some of the shallow parts of the upper Miss near Big Lake for smallies. Enjoy!
  2. I hear that Jon! Rusty should bottle that for stink bait! As I recall he did have a couple jars of secret sauce he used to dip his crawlers in....Did you check the ingredients?
  3. Indeed a Merry Christmas to All! Hot Spot Outdoors!...often imitated...never duplicated!
  4. Yo John...I tried to make those pout look like a Sturgeon..with not much luck. I am really looking forward to this trip. It was by far the best I have been on in nearly 30 shows we have done. And to be honest I had as much fun taking Rick and Deitzs money playing poker back at the cabin. Also be sure to look for a 30 inch Marriah (as they are called up north der on da Red of the North) We know them as Ling Cod, Eelpout, Lawyers, bourbout. I should have the Giant Greenbacks of the Red(walleyes) HotSpotOutdoors show Part 2 done in the next few days. Some real hogs coming thru the Ice again! To bad I just get to edit this one. I hope you all enjoy the shows as much as I do making them!
  5. I have used nothing but Shimano for my spinning reels for years. I have had few complaints. After our last trip to the BWCA the only thing I plan on doing is spooling them up with some better line. The only Shimano I did not like was the Sidestab. And that was for the hokey triger deal.
  6. I own a 2000 16ft Millentia with a 50hp Merc and I have been happy with the boat overall. For the money at the time it was the best deal I found. I also liked the fact that it was wider then most in the same class and had a nice layout. I have pounded the heck outa the thing and it has held up well. My only complaint would be the one storage door on the driver side is not designed well. It has the screws on the bottom and should screw in from the side. I re-screwed it from the side and seems to work better. Other then that the boat handles really nice, planes out fast and is very stable. For the money its been a great boat.
  7. Happy Birthday Dennis! 39....man thats awful close to 40 aint it? Have a Good One!
  8. Nothing Fancy here I was BigDar but thought it would be good to go with my real name now that I dont need to work as a secret operative from Iowa filming fishing videos.
  9. Yes Hats off to Deitz! Do we have a star in the making? Look for more great shows real soon! Deitz let me know when your ready for the next show! When producing these shows each one brings a new challenge. And I hope all enjoy. I like it when we can have a combination of solid information and tactics as well as showing some fish coming in. Our goal is to make informative and entertaining shows. I truly think that this the start of some great things to come.
  10. Was Great to finally meet and put faces to the names! I am hoping to start editing the footage we got from the Ice Series Event at Denny's tonight. We have some great shows coming up so be sure to keep watching!
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