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  1. this year I know its going to be 40 degrees and painfully sunny?
  2. lots of people if the weather is nice... the depth varies across the fishing area and really also on where exactly they put the fishing area... if I remember correctly from years past anywhere from 15-30 ft deep?? someone correct me if I am remembering wrong
  3. Get some of those rattlin flyer spoons... oooh they are nice!! red glow is the best
  4. I run with the St. Croix Legend and Premier rods with the Pflueger president and a tica cetus... also have a rapala combo that is near and dear to my heart but love those spring bobbers for those finicky bites...
  5. I used to sell GPS for Sportsmans and I have the Expedition... I have had it for many years and no issues.. spend the extra money to get the better compass so you do not have to be moving to see what direction you are headed
  6. crappieking54


    I upgraded from the LX-3 to the LX-5 and they have both been stellar units... I love the adjustable zoom and the separation is awesome... but like others have said, any flasher will do most of the same things.. some will just do them better!
  7. the response to this program has been overwhelming to say the least... We are happy for all of the new vehicle sales but also nervous about getting our vouchers from the Gov. If this program does not go as planned, my dealership I work for will be out many thousands of dollars and I might be looking for work!
  8. at my dealership we are in full panic mode trying to get people signed up before everything is over and this is nuts!! I and everyone I work with will be glad when all of this is over... ahhh a nice soothing cocktail after work tonight or two?
  9. Ryan_V, I work for a Chevy dealer. It all depends on what you are trading and what you are looking at buying..
  10. meatfish, I'm glad you wrote this because I just had a few sunnies from Minnewaska today that had eggs in them yet but the meat was still fine... I thought I was seeing things... does anyone know if this is from a certain reason??
  11. hey Ryan_V, if you have specific questions just write them in the forum and I will check through the day on Monday
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