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  1. Have had to replace routers 4 times in 14 years, Belkin routers have the best for us so far. Many times, its as simple as. Un-plugging the power supply to the router and hooking it back up will restore the connection.
  2. OUCH, no thank you, hope you are doing better.
  3. Mine died back in June while processing HDR vacation photo`s from our Colorado trip. Was a powerhouse Dell XPS 730X with everything. I about cried since it was in the middle of working on photos, Nice thing about it was 4 of the Hard drives were easily removed and installed into a new computer. Decided to go with Ibuypower to custom build, future proof it some. Final tally took me just under $5k. The video card alone was 1k. Nvidia Titan 6gb, 32 GB ram at 1866hz. Oh well, won`t bother with any more details but they do have some nice pre-builts.
  4. I like Walt`s new wallet, 55gal drum packed with cash.
  5. Wow,where is the LIKE button. Way to go.From another Finn.
  6. We pulled into Granby Ranch that afternoon, was to wiped out from all the driving to much of anything after getting unpacked. We did see it setup and ready go for the evening Rodeo though. House we rented on the Golf Course was an amazing place. Perfect for using it as a base camp to get out and explore. We went over the top on Trail Ridge road 2 times. Love it up there.
  7. We left on June June 13th our 19th wedding Anniversary expecting to drive 500 miles to Gorden,NE for our first night. Turned out the motel I had booked had overbooked and we were left without a a room for the night. So we pushed on and Stayed at a Holiday Inn Express in Alliance,NE. Much nicer and adding the days drive up 579 miles. June 14th we were booked at the Mountain View Hotel in Centennial,WY. Historic old Hotel, was really nice till 2:30am when the Church next door started playing piped music for an hour. We were up early and headed over the Snowy Range Road HWY130 WY. Climbing up over 10,675ft. Plenty of Snow left up here. Snowy range Wyoming Next morning after heading over the Snowy Range we were heading for weeks destination in Colorado out at Granby Ranch on the 16th green of the head waters Golf Course. This place was incredibly beautiful. Could wake up to this place the rest of my life easily. We took a side trip up to Grand Lake to kill some time since we could not check in till 4pm. Trip to Granby,CO from Centennial,WY Spent the next day getting unpacked and relaxing at the house since weekends in the mountains of Colorado the weekend warriors from Denver take over and the place is a Zoo, Granby Ranch is really cool since they open up the Ski hill to Mountain Bikers in Summer and have some awesome courses set-up. Downhill and Cross-Country Mountain Biking Here is the home we rented for the week. 150 Fairview Drive, Ski & Golf Paradise Monday took us our first trip up into the really high country of Rocky Mountain National Park. $20 and you get a 7 day Pass to enter the park. Great deal. We drove up Trail Ridge road and drove over 2/3rds of the way over to Eastes Park before the Crowds drove back west. But it was an incredible drive, Most scenic mountain drive we had ever seen. Rocky Mountain National Park 6-17-2013 Tuesday the 18th we decided to take a road trip down to Silverthorne, Dillon and Frisco in the heart of Summit County Colorado Ski Country. Was a beautiful drive and we took a new route home over Ute pass that was cool when at the top of the pass we stopped to pictures and discovered a UH-1 helicopter delivering telephone poles to a crew on the ground high up mountain slope getting ready to set it. Have video of it and will add it when ready. Road trip to Silverthorne,Dillon & Frisco On Thursday we decided to make the trip over the top on Trail Ridge road down into Estes park for the day. Talk about a night and day traffic situation from western to eastern sides of the park. Was real Zoo in Estes Park and hung out for a couple hours walking the River Walk and exploring the shops. My wife loved it, my son and me could not wait to get out of town and back up the Mountain. Another beautiful mountain drive day. Trip over the top and back to Estes Park,CO Saturday was our last day at Granby Ranch and we headed north to Laramie,WY for a stay at the AmericInn. Nice Hotel but very busy this time of year just off I80. Trip from Granby Ranch to Laramie 6-22-2013 We took our time coming home planning 5 nights to drive back to MN. Really did want to return home.From Laramie, WY we went on down to Scottsbluff,NE and my 2006 Honda Odyssey Surprised us with the best mileage it ever recorded. 31mpg. Then again it was all downhill and we were fully loaded with the AC running the trip. Laramie to Scottsbluff journey From Scottsbluff,NE we decided to head north into the southern Black Hills, never seen the southern Black Hills so we booked a night at the Hot Springs,SD USA Stay Hotel. Another really nice Hotel. We explored the area had a good time. Scottsbluff to Hot Springs,SD Early the next morning we took off for the drive to Murdo,SD and stopping along way at Ellsworth AFB South Dakota Air & Space Museum. Morning light was awesome and we there in time to watch a B1 bomber taxi out and takeoff on a mission. Talk about LOUD. Had never heard to full Military power takeoff of a B1 before. Was AWESOME. Hot Springs to Murdo,SD While Staying the night at the Best Western In Murdo,SD we decided to wait till early morning the next day to tour the Pioneer Auto Show Museum, even meeting the owner who my son happens to his brother who works our High School he goes to after finding out where we were from. Even gave him a couple free frisbees and Hat. Pioneer Auto Museum,Murdo,SD Our Final night was spent in Mitchell, SD at the Holiday Inn Express with waterpark. My son loved it. Cabelas was next door and Walmart,Menards and we ate supper at Whiskey Creek Steakhouse, awesome food. Next morning we drove the final 236 miles back home. Stopping in Sioux Falls at Falls park and again in MN at Redrock Dells park to take photos of the falls. Falls park, Soiux Falls,SD and Redrock Dells.MN Many of the shots taken during this trip were taken in HDR format. High Dynamic range photos that use 3 images to make one shot using Photomatix software to make the shot merge into one. Used my GoPro HD Hero2 on one drive over the top of Trail Ridge Road. Here is the video sped up by 300% down to 7 minutes versus 23 minutes.
  8. Think this might be part of the problem Its Global.
  9. Wifes Toyota Avalon has a 3 way switch for the dome light when the doors are open it must be in the middle for the dome to work. Slide it back and they are off all the time,forward on all the time.
  10. Jim43

    Snowshoe Hares

    Spent a week on Gunflint lake at Cross River Lodge this past August. Like John says. They are everywhere. Never seen so many before. Just a short walk down the road and counted no less then 50.
  11. Don`t get much better then that, Love it.Thanks for taking the time go and get the shot.
  12. Avast is another great anti-virus.
  13. Don`t need another phone, but sure do like what they have done with the new 5th gen Ipod Touch. Its basically an Iphone 5 without the phone part. Just what I wanted and already placed my pre-order for the 64gb 5th gen.
  14. +1, bought mine this past summer and love it, bought the kit with 2 lenses including the telephoto. Best but I have made.
  15. LOL, Why not, it also helps run X-Plane 10, ARMA2, Rise of Flight Iron Cross Edition. Plus all kinds of video editing software.
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