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  1. Same here. Had an 8 in that wasn't cutting. Walked in @ 11:30, walked out @ 11:50 on a Sat morning. Nice little road trip, 80 miles one way.
  2. I have a Marcum 825sd, jack on the back of the screen. Flat screen on the wall. Very easy to hook up. Fish on one TV, Jeopardy on the other one.
  3. Going to be in Shakopee doing software training for a couple days. What sporting goods stores are in the area? Thanks..
  4. Just makes ya wonder what's going through their mind. The bigger ones would stay lower, but not the little guys. More videos at HSOshow.com
  5. Sent more time out there hopeing to get another glimpse. With the forecast, sounds like the lady is at the mike. Wish I'd been able to get better video, it doesn't shpow the color very well. Maybe next season.
  6. Here's a video of a normal one to compare. More videos at HSOshow.com
  7. There was about six inches of snow and cloudy. I took a few more pics of a normal colered one today. I'll post them tomorrow.
  8. Not sure about the silver pike. Been out there alot the last month, this is the only "odd" one I have seen. Going again today, who knows...
  9. I doubt it is an oxygen issue, I wasn't far from a heave that is open.
  10. Out fishing on Thursday and had a very light colored pike come through with a normal colored one right above it. Cell phone was only thing to take a pic with, didn't work very well. Went back to the same spot on Friday with a regular camera in hand. Watched the underwater camera for about 30 minutes and there it was again. The first pic is after it came back for the second time, notice lure in top left corner. Scared it away a couple times, kept coming back. The second pic, it sat right under the camera. This time I dropped the camera on its back,the bottom exploded, didn't see it after that. The water is a litte over 5 feet under the ice. The holes are 10". The underwater camera is a Marcum 825sd Weird thing is, with it in the area I was still cathing sunnies. It was a crazy 20-30 minutes. I'm thinkin' around 10 LBS The videos aren't the best, oh well. The fish looked a little erie as it swam around with such light skin. Albino? More videos at HSOshow.com More videos at HSOshow.com
  11. What is the value of an '04 90cc in average to good condition? Thanks...
  12. brianh

    Sunfish size

    Depends, yesterday, 9" was the smallest I caught. Today they were just lookers.
  13. I agree, none to little effect; actually hit some slush pockets the last few days, surprised me for how flippin' cold it was.
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