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  1. 18' alaskan hull only............somewhere near $8,000
  2. http://www.fishingminnesota.com/forum/showflat.php?Cat=&Number=898357&page=&view=&sb=5&o=&fpart=1&vc=1
  3. knowing how to spool a reel and the right knots to use go a long way...... i use vanish for 90% of my rigs summer and winter....spent the day pulling smallies up to 19 inches through the ice last year with 2lb vanish.
  4. the only problem is that your house won't rot from the inside out now, i guess that isn't much of a problem.
  5. Headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee, the Brunswick Boat Group is the largest maker of pleasure boats in the world. 2005 net sales were $2.8 billion. The Boat Group makes Sea Ray, Bayliner, Maxum, Hatteras, Meridian and Sealine pleasure boats from 16 to 100 feet; Baja high-performance boats from 20 to 44 feet; Albemarle, Boston Whaler, Cabo, Laguna, Palmetto, Sea Boss, Sea Pro and Trophy offshore fishing boats from 11 to 52 feet; and Crestliner, HarrisKayot, Lowe, Lund, Princecraft and Triton fishing, deck and pontoon boats from 10 to 35 feet; Land ‘N’ Sea parts and accessories distribution; Attwood, marine parts and accessories; Kellogg Marine Supply parts and accessories distributor; Diversified Marine Products parts and accessories distributor; and Integrated Dealer Systems (IDS). i'm not seeing ranger in there.
  6. hey MLG, where is the cavitation plate in relation to the bottom of the hull? above, below, or right on? thanks B.S.
  7. mount it on a genz box with a mini ram mount.
  8. thanks for the input guys, after going to cabela's and sitting in both several times, i decided to go with the pro. it just has more of what i need. - b.s.
  9. the flimsy sled on the pro is the ONLY reason i'm not sure about the purchase. i have seen plenty of trap's with holes in the bottoms. but the handy features of the pro make it really tough to decide.
  10. which one would you choose and why? - thanks b.s.
  11. tearin' lips - can you email me at - bjosh69 (at) yahoo.com thanks - blacksheep
  12. Quote: mussels might have got into the Mississippi River through its connection to Ossawinnamakee. Its outlet, Pelican Brook, flows into the Pine River, which flows into the Mississippi. oh you think?, so they knew a lake that was connected to the river had them but never thought that they might get into the river?. talk about rediculous.
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