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  1. I was at that same resort just last week. Very nice. Saw that fella with the horses in Busceria.
  2. If you have windows that have some moisture on them in the mornings removing the screens for the winter will let these windows dry during the day.
  3. Turkey breast going in a brine tonight and in the smoker early Sunday! C'Mon warm weather.
  4. The top of the fireplace part is a portland cement sand mix. I cannot really tell from your photos if the low wall part has a concrete or flat stone piece top. Cracks eventually form and let water in, freeze & thaw cycles then make the top loose. I can't give any advice on the tree root troubles other than the other guys have given you already. That is some talented mason work you have there. That guy knew what he was doing. It is split granite cobbles with the flat face exposed. It's real stone all the way through. You could replace that top with a new portland cement sand mix. Chip off the old stuff that will come off, clean the top surface, and apply a new one. Mix the concrete, 3 units sand to one unit portland, the less water the better. It will set on the top without running down the sides if you mix it thick(dry) enough. Shape with your gloved hands and a trowel. Maybe give it more slope to shed water better. Brush it after it sets a couple hours. there are some clear sealers available you could apply after a month. Flat real stone would also be an option. I'd stay away from the manufactured stone caps that are out there, they don't hold up long in our climate.
  5. Good Work. I especially like the black/white choice you made in #1. Trees & sky, nice mix and feel.
  6. I own a Lund Prosport 1675, 115HP rated. Mine is a 2002 model year. I believe it is very similar to the Crestliner Sportfish.
  7. I was able to download it as well.(Thanks to Paul for the Info on this) I do have a copy of Elements on my computer but did not see where the download may have looked for it. CS2 seems to open and function just fine. I used the serial number just as Paul said in his post.
  8. Hardy got to Baltimore in a trade. I do not think that what we got in return is on either the major or minor rosters any more. He got to the Twins for Gomez, who got here as part of Santana trade.
  9. 10+ years of taking care of it myself. 30 gallon upright from Sears, eight zone system, paid for the compressor a few times over by now. Takes me an hour to go through the system twice.
  10. I have had bluebirds nest in my Petersen style boxes three times. Twice the nesting was successful. Once I believe the neighbors cat(that they let roam all night) climbed the post and cleaned out the babies. I too have read that garter snakes will take eggs if they can get up to the nest. Clean out the old nest. Bluebirds like a fresh start, wrens and sparrows do not care. It is fun when it works out. Nice feeder in your photo. I started feeding mealworms last summmer and it took until just a week ago for me to see bluebirds at the feeder. No nests in my yard though this season.
  11. You will not need the tripod, it will not improve anything for you. You are going to have to shoot overhead when the planes are close to you. Practice handheld panning on some birds in the backyard. You'll likely be at the max(200-250) of your lens, you'll need to force the shutter to 1/250 or less if you want the prop blur, so that means no auto setting. As Dbl said you should get comfortable with Tv mode(shutter priority). The shutter speed will dictate your ISO(that can be set on auto), the f-stop is set automatically for you by the camera. If you set the camera on full auto, (green box or sports logo)the shutter will be so fast that the props will be motionless. You may get keeper shots on the jets going by. You'll only use the 18-55 lens for parked planes. A full auto setting will work OK for those shots. Your location at the show will be set for you. If the sun is behind you, things may work out OK. If the sun is on the other side of the planes you would get better shots by using the manual settings.
  12. I am no expert. I brought my camera w/ a 300mm to an airshow two years ago with the same intentions as you. 250 will not be enough to bring them in close from any distance. You'll see others using 400mm lenses. You will have to shoot when they are close to you. I found it is tough to keep fast moving objects in the frame and focused. I don't think you will need the tripod. Practice panning if you can. For jets you can set the shutter at 1/1000. For propeller you'll need 1/125 or 1/250 at max so you will get desirable "prop blur" which gives the shot the appearance of movement. Many newbies like us get shots where the prop is focused sharply and motionless. (This is what the plane looked like just after the engines quit.) The stationary shots are a different matter, you will need patience to get shots when no people are present around the plane. Bring a plastic bag for camera in case of a sudden rain shower. Good Luck.
  13. I'll go along with others, that teal shot is very nice, kind of a calming feel about it.
  14. Good Job! Those old dwellings make me wonder how many times this place was added onto as the orignals family grew and changed. You picture looks like this place may have seen 4 or 5 additions before it was left to time.
  15. Arthur Bryants Sweet Heat- World Famous Kansas City BBQ - I lived in KC for a time and now can get my favorite sauce online pretty reasonably. Other varieties available as well.
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