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  1. MNWildhunter, I sent you a PM. I had similar issues with him and will never do business with him again. No I had many many issues and will never do business with him again. Buyers - please be aware.....
  2. I have one as well for my 8" to 10" augers. I did run into one issue and I'm not sure why it happened but when lifting it out of the hole (after running in reverse to get ice down hole) the auger came loose and went down the hole. The quick release was slightly bent open so not sure why or how it happened. I called ION and they sent me a new one and wanted my old one in return for evaluation. So always may sure that it is fully locked before drilling. I was able to retrieve my auger as I was only is about 12' of water and was able to have someone else drill several holes and I was able to hook it with a daredevil and pull it back up.
  3. 30 qt size will get quite heavy when filled with water. Unless you are using it to keep bait at home I wouldn't go bigger than the 19 qt for boat/fish house.
  4. You can also get a 110v power adapter for it that plugs right into the bubbler. I think I paid around $15 for it. I have the 19 quart one and so far I really like it.
  5. So late last ice fishing season I was looking at underwater camera's and thought I narrowed it down to either a Marcum VS825SD or the Aqua-Vu HD700i. Now I see Aqua-vu has a new model out this year the HD7i Pro. Does any know what the differences are between the HD700i and the HD7i Pro ? Usually I don't like to buy first year products as I like to see them get all the bugs worked out first.
  6. Let us know by first ice - just saying. But he is great to work with so don't get me wrong.
  7. So do you have to remove them when you fold the bunk up so they don't hit the ceiling ? Not sure how far your bunks fold up - looks like about half way from the hole in the one wall.
  8. I had made for me, Tom is very good to work with. I had several issues and had to bring the house back (twice now) but there was never any hassle from him. If you plan on using it for summer camping and don't want a roof top AC unit - make sure you get one side window that will fit a small window AC unit. (wish I would have.........) His lead times are usually long out so don't expect to order one now and get it by this winter.
  9. Looks like that should work - I will probably just make some. Thinking I can get those brackets from a big box store and some 1x4's. But I would only probably only got about one third of the length so you can get into the bunk easier.
  10. Was wondering what people are using for a safety rail on their top bunks. I want to install something on mine to keep the kids from accidently rolling out of bed during the night. It needs to setup quickly and removable as when I flip up the bunch there is not room for any type of rail. Was thinking about making something with PVC that was be lite and small to put away in storage during the day. Would probably have it covering maybe up to half of the bunch length. Any pictures would be much appreciated of your setup.
  11. thanks all for the replies - how does this Aqua Vu HD 700i display show up outside? So from the replies I'm sure I narrowed my search down for either the Marcum VS825SD or Aqua Vu HD 700i. Not just have to see if I can find some year end ice specials.
  12. So what is the difference between the 825C and 825SD? is the C just color and SD take a SD card ? If so I really don't need the SD and I don't see myself recording anything. I see some used ones online for around $450-500 range. Is this a good price and should I really just look at new ones for a little more money and get a warranty ? Are the newer ones the same technology as one 2-3 years old (like camera lens, lights...)
  13. thanks for all the replies, maybe I can find some end of season discounts. For the Marcum, the 625 will be fine for screen size being it is same as the 825. I think I really would want the direction indicator from people I talked to. But I won't rule out the Aqua Vu HD700I as picture quality I hear is great on them.
  14. Was looking at underwater cameras and thinking about either the Aqua Vu HD700i or the Marcum VS825SD. Looking to see if anyone has experience with either and if you can see the screen outside in daylight. From what I can tell the Aqua Vu doesn't have any direction indicator which I think would be very useful. Think both can be run with a pod to turn the camera. In general just looking for Pro's/Con's for each. I don't need any recording features and will be use primarily for ice fishing in both portable and permanent house (TV hookup of course....).
  15. In my prior posts I mentioned the issues I had with my ION X. I will say that ION stood behind their product and had address both of my issues (auger ice up and switch not working). In each case they sent me replacements that I received within 2-3 days. They sent me a new 8" auger - so far no freeze up on mine. But in fairness I haven't been doing a lot of hole hopping and putting it to a real hard test with cold temps. But so far I've seen no noticeable ice build up. As far as the switch on the handle not work - they sent me a new switch kit - however taking it apart there are several springs in there that are not easy to get back together and went flying when taking it apart. It did it on removal of the existing one and taking apart the new one they sent me so it was quite frustrating. I call ION and said I had enough - they sent me a new power head to replace my old one and I just returned mine with the broken switch in their box. ION also paid for all shipping as well. That is great customer service and am quite happy with them. So for about the past month I have not had any more issues. In my perm house I drilled six - 10" holes and with the reverse feature pushing all the slush back down the holes. I would say I barely had a half pail full. That is nice considering how much slush there is from a 10" hole. (note: I have both the 8" and 10" auger bit).
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