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  1. I just checked 8/1/2014 1230pm. Buds gun shop has the Tikka t3 hunter in 300wsm and I did a price quote and it came back 680.00 and that includes shipping.
  2. Try shooting without the lead sled. I have one and used it alot. Then one day I forgot it at home and using the same rifle and loads with just sand bags on the front and a bag under the stock in the rear I was able to shoot much better groups. I haven't used the lead sled since.
  3. I have the exact same rifle with a nikon prostaff 5 2.5x10 scope. With any new gun I always try to get a couple boxes of ammo to shoot first before I start reloading. I picked up a cheap box of federal 100gr sp(blue box) and 1 box of the hornady 100gr in the whitetail box(not sure which bullet it is) I started with the Federal to get close at 25 then moved to 100yrds shot 3 rnds to get a zero. Let the barrel cool for a bit, then shot a 3 shot group and was inmpressed. With the cheap federal if I do my part it will hold a 1.5 to 1 inch group. Then when I tried the Hornady loads I was all over the place. I would shoot 3 and have a 3in group try again same thing. Then go back to the federal and have a small group. So your problem could be an ammo issue. I have since made some loads with 55gr nosler balistic tips and h4895 and they work great. As well as 70gr nosler balistic tips and Varget and they are accurate. Hope that helps.
  4. Brad you are correct they must have recently changed the law. Here is the text from page 91 of the regs for deer archery point number 2 Deer—archery Season Dates: September 14–December 31 Open Areas: Archery hunters can hunt statewide except in areas designated closed and itasca State Park (deer area 287). October 17–20: Blaze orange is required in deer areas open for the youth deer season. • Archery hunters in deer area 601 may take an unlimited number of antlerless deer. • Except those licensed to carry a concealed weapon, a person may not take deer by archery while in possession of a firearm. • in all 300-series deer areas, including special hunts, antler point restrictions are in effect for archers. Refer to page 81 for information.
  5. I would check the hunting regs. From my understanding you are not allowed to carry a firearm while bow hunting for deer even if you have a carry permit.
  6. I have those sights on a springfield xdm. They can come with a couple differnet color configurations. The tru glows are much eaisier for my eyes to see even in light. A buddy of mine put a set on his xdm after shooting mine. Chad
  7. I tried a couple book stores and was told they don't sell those in stores. You can get it from the web site. Chad
  8. That story is from a book called Wildlife Wars written by Terry Grosz. He spent most of his time in California. It is a very good book and still available at most book stores. He adds a bit of humor when he tells his stories. I remember a bit of another one where he launched a fireworks type rocket and it went into the back of a stationwagon on accident. He was tyring to get a group of fish poachers attention. It worked very well. Chad
  9. I have been running an fl-18 on my bow trollin motor for awhile. And would never change to a lcd graph. If your trolling motor has a trancducer built in the connection is easy. I did use the one with the clamb to mount to the motor and it worked well. As far as 9-19. I think they only make the 12 for the motor mount.
  10. Just wondering if there are any ranges in the south metro. I live in prior lake. Just got a new .17 and want to site it in. Thanks Chad
  11. I am heading to Alaska over Labor Day. We are going for 6 days. My Dad lives in Wassila and a guy that does work for him is a local and is taking us out. We are going after caribou. I'm getting pretty excited. And the best part is I only have to pay airfare and the tag. We I have been shooting 2 to 3 times a weeks for the last 2 months. Has any body been up there? Not sure what to expect.The guy that is taking us was a guide for many years on Kodic island and has shot many karibou. Did I mention I'm excited Chad
  12. That would be great. I'm trying to do a helical and just wanted to see if they show how to set the jig up thanks Chad
  13. Hi everone. I have a borrowed Bitzenburg fletching jig and was wondering if anyone had the directions for it. If you could scan and email a copy it would be very appreciatied. Thanks Chad ([email protected])
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