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  1. If it's more simple I'd consider. How would I access the camera from outside the wifi network? Do they have apps that connect to that IP?
  2. We dumped cable a number of years ago. I set up an antenna in the garage rafters and used that with DSL internet for a few years. DSL + home phone was roughly $70. Last year I wanted faster internet since we were doing more streaming. I found a deal that gave us cable internet, local cable channels + home phone for the same money. It seems to be the best combo for us. I had to go with their local channels since I couldn't (or don't know how) pull antenna feed through the same coax line as internet. I even set up a home theater PC so I could stream direct from sites to big TV. Bought the PC with savings from dumping cable TV. Inflated cable prices are gross. It's an absolute racket. If you feel they have you by the nards when you call to see about scaling back to internet, act like you are going to follow through with cancelling. They will almost always call back before it happens with an offer to keep you no matter what the services are.
  3. Does anyone have any experience or tips for setting up a remote web cam? I'd like to put one up at the cabin and be able to check the lake from time to time while we are not there. I have a mini PC with direct network wire connection close to the picture window I could run it off, but I'm not sure how to keep the broadcast going. Equipment suggestions would be welcome too. Thanks!
  4. The year and a half saga finally came to an end today. Certified cashiers check has been deposited, cleared, and judgement signed. It's hard to believe it's over. I'm glad I didn't give up and kept up the fight for what was right. Thanks to all of you for your help on this thread. I learned a lot. Hopefully others will see this information and find it useful as well. The last words after signing the judgement were "I hope your next project goes better". Yeah, me too. Thanks dip s**t!
  5. I've been contacted to get paid on the judgement. The suggestion was to have me meet them at a local coffee shop the day before the judgement stay period is expired so they can give me a check and have me sign the judgement. I'm going to tell them it has to be at a bank so I can make sure the funds clear before signing anything. Other than that, is there any harm in getting payment ahead of the judgement stay date or should I make sure we don't do this until the following day? I'm anxious to get this over with, but don't want to get caught up in a technicality.
  6. It means I took him to court and won the judgement. He pays us back for amount it will take to tear out and replace. We still need to collect, but the ball is back in our court. It feels good after all the time & energy I had to put into this. I learned through this process that the BBB & state attorney general are pretty much a waste of time. If I was to do this over, I'd log the issue with BBB then start the court process at the same time. BBB only dragged this out.
  7. I am going through something similar. PM me for details on how I handled it. This is absolutely unacceptable from what I see in the pix and you have the right to make them make good on it. Be prepared for a long process and don't give them another dime.
  8. They used a combination of sealer with shark grip apparently. It was still slippery and is now flaking. I'd suggest going to concrete supplier or paint store with pix and let them suggest. Thanks. Do you know of anywhere that has the time guidelines posted?
  9. One more thing. Their warranty covers cracking for one year. It's posted clear as day on their page. I took a screen shot of it for my documentation in case their page is changed.
  10. Update, Clown failed to honor agreement to tear out and replace. Fortunately, we have a written agreement to do it. Unfortunately, we are in the process of having 3rd parties involved to resolve. I'm not sure it will do any good, but I figured it was worth a shot before court. My requests for follow up have mostly gone unanswered since Apr. After initiating 3rd party assistance they came up with a lopsided engineer report from the concrete company that didn't address all the issues. It only addressed the cracking on the walkway and stated it was "within industry standards" and suggested using a product called matchcrete to fill in cracks. There was no mention that they failed to cut controlled joints after the pour to prevent, the pop outs, etc. They only cut the joints in Sept after we started pushing the issues hard. Common sense tells me that was way too late since the cracks had already developed. I had the engineer out last week so I could show him the other areas and explain the time in between pour and joint cuts. He agreed to modify his report. The other thing we noticed while reviewing our receipts was the time from load to unload for the concrete. It was over 2 hours. I believe that is too long. Can anyone confirm? For some reason, they got the concrete sent from the far South burbs to where we are in the very far West burbs.
  11. I just replaced ours. I only went 200 yards on the first run of the season before engine temp got to 250. I immediately shut it down and trolled back with front mount trolling motor. Here's the lesson, the impeller lost most of it's paddles. Those paddles go somewhere. I'm about to find out where since it appears as if I blew a head when the engine temp got to 250. I'm posting this so you don't go through the same thing. If you can, be sure to check for those paddles. I run an IO so it could be more complicated for my situation, but wanted to remind in case it could save you the same trouble I'm going through. Sometimes it pays to get it done by a shop.
  12. This is a good summary I'm going to add that you will want to run network cable and speaker wire ahead of the finishing. With all the streaming and smart devices in the audio video world these days, it's just about critical (at least for us cord cutters) to have a hard wire network cable plugged into the entertainment center.
  13. No, not directly. However, there were issues with the controlled joints right from the start. The concrete engineer told him he didn't go deep enough and he was kind enough to pass that along to me (although not in writing). Part of what he did when he made an appearance last fall was saw cut the controlled joints in the driveway deeper to "relieve pressure". Common sense tells me it would already be too late considering the pour was done in June. I didn't see the fork shaped crack in the driveway panel until the first hard cold spell this winter, but I have a hunch it had already started before I noticed it.
  14. Any idea what % of a job is concrete costs? I'm thinking through our approach to this come Spring and would like to know roughly what he may have paid for the concrete.
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