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  1. Bought one this year as a "guest" flasher. Very adequate machine at an attractive price. For what you described I think it would be an excellant choice and will work very well! It has performed well for my "guests" which in this case have been my 19 and 21 year old children....
  2. Braley

    Polaris or Honda

    How much time do you want to spend on maintenance? They both will need oil and filters serviced, so that's a wash. Ask the dealers how many grease zerts you have to maintain, and how you have to adjust the belt, and if the belt housing leaks and you go through water what happens to your ability to move. When you get done researching this like I did in 2005, and unless something changed, you'll buy a Honda and never look back! The Foreman in the ES has been unstoppable, low maintenance, pulls the ice house fine starts everytime and doesn't have a bajillion grease zerts or a belt to mess with. Honda all the way.
  3. Woodland has everything the rest have and is my first and only choice, Good luck and enjoy!
  4. Braley

    John Deere

    I might be mistaken, but aren't they made by Bombardier?
  5. You can get fairly current reports from Woodland Resort and ed's bait shop.
  6. Check out help wanted classifieds at gomontana.com, which is the Bozeman paper. Also there is a web site called something like southwestmontanajobs.com, or something like that. I work for JTL Group and I do believe that our Kalispell operation is looking for an estimator/project manager. You might give them a call. And oh by the way, wages in Montana will be considerably lower than most other regions in the US...we call it the "pleasure to live in Montana Tax"... Good Luck!
  7. Daily lake has no ice, how about the other areas of the state? I'm interested in depths out there and some places to go. Not afraid to drive for the weekend, but don't want to drive and find no or thin ice.
  8. I just bought the same camera at the end of December. You do know about the free MoPod from AquaView.... cost of shipping with proof of purchase. I haven't used the pod yet, but the camera is sweet! Have fun!
  9. If the backlight isn't on, I can't see the screen data. With the backlight on the batteries go down very fast... so I don't think it's just your unit.
  10. Am heading to Woodland Resort on the 26th, and the depths last reported I recall were 4 to 9 inches. Can anyone give me an update from this weekend? I sure do appreciate it!
  11. Read about a four-wheeler going through ice in Wisconsin, Fisherman didn't make it. Delavan Lake, article in Janesville Gazette.
  12. Same is true with the VS 560 cameras... The shipment may arrive this week for shipment to retailers. Their web site states that their products are made in the USA, but sounds like they are actually built somwhere else. I'll give them till Thursday this week to get them to Reeds, if they don't I guess it will be an Alantis or Aqua view camera that I'll own. On another note, after hearing all the rave reviews about upgrading the LX 3, I sent my powerhead in the beginning of December and have yet to see it. I sent an email this weekend inquiring what was up, and got no response. I called Marcum yesterday, and was told they would ship it to me at the end of the week, and when I got home, had an email response saying it had been shipped to me on the day I called (yesterday). Time will tell if I receive it back this week. Great products but I think they are making some big mistakes.
  13. Daily has good size trout, small to medium size walleyes and small perch compared to Jumbos. I don't know about Hyalite for size. Canyon Ferry perch fishery is hurting and it won't be long before the walleye may crash. Trout size is good, there are some big ones in there. I work with several guys in Belgrade who also ice fish, I'll ask them for more ideas and info too.
  14. Just wondering, I ordered a VS 560 from a reputable store at the end of November, since no one stocks them in Montana. The store is telling me that MarCum hasn't shipped them out yet. They were supposed to be in last week, but they didn't arrive. Now they supposedly were shipped out to the stores on Friday, to be shipped to customer orders this week. All you folks tha live in ice fishing tackle store heaven....have you seen them on store shelves this year?
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