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    new law

    I believe the change in the law is that it is a gross misdemeanor.It has been unlawfull to ride in wetlands both private and public for several years
  2. Be carefull switching blades,if the mag 2000 is one that is made in China the gears might not hold up to the lazor mag blades,check with Strikemaster first.The motors are the same the transmissions are different.Look at boxes in store Mag2000 China ,Lazor mag Sweden
  3. bgreen82,be careful putting a lazer bit on mag 2000 head,the mag 2000 transmision is made of a differnt metal than the lazer head.The mag 2000 will not stand up to the agressive cutting style of the lazer bit.Holes can be reopened by lazers but the bit must be at full rpm's before satting blade on ice
  4. I use the uninsulated guidewear and love it,the important part is layering .Do not wear cotton under as cotton will trap the moisture.I have been wearing polyester underwear such as underarmor or Cabelas silk-tech and fleece over that and have been very comfortable.
  5. clam corp sells cloth and plastic holders that can easly be moved from house to house
  6. I like the flyline with a mono leader attached with a nailknot
  7. Tony Boshold I am going to take you up on your offer to recommend a st croix rod legand.I am thinking of getting a couple of rods,I fish bluegills and crappies and also perch and walleyes I was thinking of two rods with a couple extra springs Thanks
  8. Tod ,which legand rods do you use and what springs
  9. Thank you all for responding.let me see if I got this right you seem to think the Thorne Bros.rod is a decent rod
  10. I am thinking of getting two St Croix legends this winter. maybe a ul and a m with extra springs .would this cover panfish and walleye?
  11. When you leave the parking lot go out the north side of the lot and go east.There are signs that direct you to 94 much faster. Jack
  12. I had the same problem,I was told to try better ball bearing swivels .Salesman recomeneded a cheaper swivel called SPRO and it has been working good.I have been using a smaller size.
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