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  1. Hey Folks, I am up on Gull for a couple of days now and looking for a few pointers. I was out this morning and only nabbed one fish. We are on the south end of the lake and that was my target this morning. I fished the deep weedline a little bit, tried up shallow and also tried fishing some pads. Has anyone been on any fish recently. Or have any good spots for me to target? Thanks!
  2. It is matched with a St. Croix 6'6" Med Heavy rod. I will be using it mostly for worming and jig fishing. Thanks!
  3. Thanks guys, I did go with the Citica and am now just waiting for it to arrive. Now to figure out what line to put on it!!! I am thinking about going with a Fluro for the first time... probably something around 14 lb test. How will that compare with say 30 lb powerpro which I have on my Curado???
  4. Looking for another reel to add to my collection and would like to find the best I can for under $100. I have a 6'6" St. Croix Rod that it will go on. I already have a Curado but would like to spend a little less this time around. Any thoughts??? Thanks!
  5. Hey Guys trying to decide if I should buy a Lowrance 522C or split the units up by going with a separate fish locater and GPS like an iFinder H20C??? The reason I would go separate is to also use the GPS for ice fishing. Though the folks at Lowrance tell me that the 522C can be used for ice fishing? Just wondering if you guys have thoughts or experience with this type of stuff? Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the help guys, I have really loved PowerPro and will maybe just try to go up into the 30 pound test class to try and get rid of these problems. Plus the manual bail flip over, Ive always heard about doing that but havent made it a habit yet. Again thanks for the help!!
  7. I have just had a terrible time with loops and wind knots with the braid. I LOVE it on my bait casting rods but thought maybe there was a better option for spinning???
  8. Hey guys wondering what type of line you spool onto the spinning rods you use to skip docks. I have been using Braid but it is time for a change and am wondering about Fluorocarbon, is it fairly low memory for spinning applications? And what pound test would you recommend? Also feel free to help me out with brands as well, there seem to be a lot to choose from! Thanks
  9. Sounds good any tips as far as tactics??? I would assume jig and minnow is a good bet but is there anything else worth trying? I am intrigued by Altoona, I caught probably 10 walleyes out there this winner while jigging with waxies for crappies and perch... Does it have a walleye bite for the opener?
  10. Hey guys I am a member of the media as well as an avid fisherman and ice fisherman. I am actually a meteorologist, just wanted you to know that I have changed things at my station as far as ice safety and what not. I told the anchors and reporters how stupid it made them look to tell people to stay off the ice when there is still 12-18 inches. They listened and now advise caution on the ice instead of telling people to stay off of it. It all started when one of the anchors tossed to me by saying with these warm temperatures the ice isnt safe anymore. Then I said that it actually was safe in most spots and that I was out ice fishing that morning in my t-shirt. I will agree with you most of them dont have a clue!!!
  11. Hey guys, looking for some information on the opener. I have never fished around Eau Claire for the opener, but will need to because i need to head to work during the afternoon. Just wondering if anyone has any advice... I would assume Wissota is a good option? Any other HOT lakes early in the year? And what can we expect at Wissota, for fishing and boat traffic... Thanks for the help. TB
  12. I have an old pair of gloves that I have loved for fishing and hunting that are now needing replaced. The problem is that I cant find them anywhere, so I thought I would see if anyone here has seen them. They have the flip mitt on top however instead of having cut off fingers they have full fingers with just a little slot to put your trigger finger out of, they are very warm and made with Thinsulate, they are the rag type cloth on the outside, other than the Thinsulate tag there is no other tag. Just wondering if anyone has seen them anywhere???
  13. Thanks for the info. Cooter, I will have to get out and try it one of these days. Say just thought I would pass along a link for some lake maps. http://dnr.wi.gov/org/water/fhp/lakes/lakemap/eauclair.htm Who knows how old they are?? But I thought they were a good find.
  14. Hey guys just moved into the area and have been thinking about getting out on the ice. I think the first place I want to try is Altoona. Anyone have any good places to start??? Thanks
  15. BlueBasser

    Mossberg 835

    Hey guys I hunt with a Mossberg 835, it came with a bird barrel and a slug barrel. Just wondering if anyone has any experience shooting this gun and what type of slugs you are using???
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