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  1. Nice find none the less. Darn critters can do a number on them antlers if given time. Never have found a match. That would be neat.
  2. Nice picture of Mr. Boyd. Long nine hrs. with only the one to show. Boyd found a few animal bones so he was having a good time. I enjoyed the day out there as well. Found an old KA-BAR knife stuck in a tree. Handle is rotted off but the blade is in good shape yet. Boyd did well, I for the most part walked right over the one he found in this pic. I heard the familiar antler against his teeth. Looked back were he was and he was grabbing up this bone. I had just walked over that spot. That was seven hrs. into the day... things were all looking like leaves. Lol
  3. Nice looking shed Northwoods. Boyd and I got out last Saturday for a few hrs. Found a couple that had been chew up real bad. I found them as Boyd was not on his game. It was up to him to retrieve them though and that he did. I let him play with another female Lab for about an hour or so before we headed out. I learned I am a rookie at this. Should have never let that happen as he tuckered himself out. It was very warm out there as well. Going back this weekend as it will be much cooler and not sunny. I have found them to stick out much better when the sun isn't real bright. From what I understand the dogs sniffer works better in moist weather as well. I know we will stay cooler. Nice job on the good season you have going there B.S. Sounds like you have a nice spot for shed hunting.
  4. Thanks you guys. I give the credit to Boyd. He's a smart dog. My first big dog and always wanted a black lab. Don't bird hunt and then heard about the shed hunting dog's. Thought what a great reason (I know there are many more) to get that lab I wanted. It has been a treat to say the least. He lives a great life in the house as part of the family.
  5. Lol, I just noticed I told the smiling picture story but didn't post the picture. Sorry! OK, I don't quite know what I am doing. Lol New at posting pics.
  6. Cool it worked and there the right size. Lol Here is the one with my digital. There is only four bones in this pic. as we were getting ready to be done for the day. Then there was the text for supper and decision to try one more spot. I hope you read the rest of the story. Lol Take care.
  7. I hope these pics show up. Two of them looked small once loaded. The bones and the one were Boyd is a pup. The others looked OK. The five on the table is what we found for the day. Two Pics are him bringing the first antler bone of the day and it is his find alone. I was excited to say the least. He dropped it at my feet in the other pic. and if you look close enough it looks like he is smiling at me. Lol I kid you not. You can see his front teeth. The other is a leg bone he brought to me for the first find of the day at 2:30. We started at 9:30. We were on one side of the property were there was allot of snow but produced bones last year. Left there for the other side around noon and had some lunch. It was awesome to sit in the bottom of the ravine and watch water run from all the melting. Normally there is no water running down there by the time we start playing in the woods again. With that said, it was a treat that I will remember for ever. Throwing sticks in the crick and watching Boyd chase it in the rushing water was priceless. Got done eating my sandwich and headed out for new scenery. Searched again for a couple hrs with nothing to show. Getting frustrated some, but having a blast non the less. Then it was the leg bone at 2:30. After that it was the best three hrs. I've spent shed hunting to date. 5:30 came around and we had four bones. Two in good shape and two that are chewed up good. I took some pictures with my digital of Boyd with the four bones. It was raining but I didn't want to stop. Then I get a text from the land owners asking if I was up for BBQ ribs. Of course I wasn't going to turn that down after a long day in the woods and a little wet to boot. Some dry clothes and food was sounding good but I wanted to try one more hill side and they were OK with waiting for me. We headed up another south facing hill and close to the top under the canopy of an evergreen... I spot a bone. Boyd is off doing his own searching but like all bones I spot, it's left for him to locate and retrieve. That happened within 10 min. of the land owners text. We were out of there after having a very memorable day with Mr. Boyd. Once all the snow is gone from the north facing slopes we will be back at it. Maybe yet this weekend. Forecast and temps don't look good for melting snow. Lol I do however look forward to the running water again. And of course watching Boyd use his sniffer. This is my forth year at it and second with Boyd. I will tell you what... he has made made it one of the most enjoyable things I have done. And you don't need a licence to do it! Sure would be nice to see some activity on this thread. Hope you get out searching and let us see your find.
  8. Nice find Muskie and also nice to see some activity here again. Boyd and I did well last weekend as well. Spent 8 hrs. out Saturday before the rain hit. One four point and two three points. Also found were two from last year that were partially buried and chewed up allot from the squirrels. Boyd found the biggest and one that was 2/3 in the ground and chewed up. The other three I spotted and left it up to him to locate. He also found a leg bone from a deer. There is still allot of snow on the north facing slopes down in the southeast so we didn't get to hit much of that. I am hoping it melts off this week so we can hit it again this weekend. I have pics to post and will get them up in the near future. Last weekend was my best shed hunting trip ever and the memories are priceless.
  9. Starting to get antsy, just told the pooch to get the bone while he was sleeping. He is now up and looking around the house. Lol For sure a big change from last spring Musky Buck. I am hoping the ticks will stay at bay with all this snow. Once she starts melting good, were off to the woods again. The ticks were fierce last year in the SE while we were out. I was literally swiping them off Boyd when he would return to me. Them little red ones stick out real good against his black coat. The Frontline did it's job but I hate running him threw all them ticks.
  10. Thanks for the info. Looks like your having a good start anyway.
  11. Nice sheds there james-walleye. How long have you notice them to have dropped? I need to get down there but wanted to be sure they have dropped and it looks like I should be good to go.
  12. Well said Slimmgrizzly, I couldn't agree more. Spike76, Bow hunting for many years now and everyone I've shot has been through hard work. Some are more rewarding than others but they all put meat on the table. I hope to find some nice sheds out there in the next week or two and there for I again support APR. I would also add my support for the over 65 comment. The fact the kids can still take what they want makes it a nice feature to the deal. I would support that state-wide for a good five years. From what I understand most farmers in the area like APR as it takes out more does thus saving crop. OK, so I had another to offer. Lol
  13. I do hunt in the SE along with central MN. More bigger bucks in that area as we all know. There always has been. As far as the APR showing the difference I would have to say yes. More bigger deer on camera's and seen them myself while hunting. I only Bow hunt so I get to see many out there. Now with that being said, I feel the SE has never had an issue with producing a trophy buck even before APR. With not much public land to hunt down there of course the hunting presure is much lower than in other areas of the state. Do I support APR? I would have to say yes. They have special regs for the youth hunter in that area so they can still take a smaller animal if they choose. When there are more bigger bucks and competition for them the hunt's can become very intresting. That is what I look forward to. Using my tools in the bag to trick them. Competition should only add to the excitment. Thats my for what it's worth. Lol
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