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  1. YakHead

    ATV Trailer

    I had a 5X8 tilt utility trailer made with 2500 axle for $715. I use it for my snowmobile and it works great. I called a local welding place here, and was build in 3 days and is bullet proof. Then you can build it any dimension you want.
  2. If you are going to spend 199 for a fishhouse and 60-100 for a handheld look at getting a used fishhouse. I bought my first scout(which I still have) for $75 and just a week ago bought a clam 460 (like the clam 2000 but 6' in the center) for $100. Yah the scout was a little beat up but the 460 looked like it was out of the box. Look on the for sale forums to find used fishhouses and then look for a used vex. Sometimes FL8's will be 150-200 dollars and then a used fishhouse and that is what you would pay for a new 2000 and a handheld. My .02
  3. Same thing here I have wanted one for 23 years and bought a sled this year. Have fun with it. Yakhead
  4. YakHead


    Has anyone put Seafoam in the sled and did you see much differance in performance with it?
  5. I am going to buy one or the other for Ice fishing, I have heard aguments from friends on both. Which do you prefer?
  6. The bait tamer is the only way to go.
  7. Does anyone know of any boat junkyards around?
  8. I would pick Ward Burton if he had a ride. So I have to go with Sadler.
  9. YakHead


    Has any one used Gulp before and does it work?
  10. I would not trust the Mr. Heater/ cooker, I just bought a new one and ran it in my garage for about a hour on medium. Then it started shooting flames out the back, lucky I was out there when it happened. I returned it and wont buy one again. So be careful with them in a fish house.
  11. I Live around the St. Cloud area and was wondering where some good bass lakes are around here. Thanks YakHead
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