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  1. I've decided to try building some arrows, I'm kind of a stubborn do it yourselfer and prefer to do things myself rather than wait at my archery shop for my arrows. I am wondering what the best saw blade is for cutting aluminum arrows? Is there a good blade I can use on my Mitre saw (5000 rpm), I'd rather not buy another saw if I don't need to. I'd rather spend that money on real hunting gear! Thanks!
  2. Welcome to the sport, everyone here has given great advice. I started my bow hunting career two years ago, about the only difference is I've hunted deer all my life with firearms. That being said, archery is a different game and one you'll love. I have a couple more suggestions for you based on my experiences both with gun and bow in hand. First, I agree, a stand is a must. Once you have your stand, I feel it is important to set it up as you would use it hunting and practice from it. Shooting from a small elevated platform is much different than standing and shooting. Practicing from the stand accomplishes a couple things, you get better at setting your stand, quieter, more efficient etc. And you get used to the different shooting angles and changes in aim point. Make sure you wear your harness for practice too. Second, start a journal. Try to write down your experiences every time you leave the woods. I try to do this even if I didn't see a deer. This gives you a great reference point to study, either before hunts or in the off season. Reading articles and everything is great, but first hand experience is the key. By keeping a journal you can reflect back on what you did right (or wrong) to bag that deer. Good luck and keep us posted on your progress!
  3. I've always used rubber nets (my dad loved them!) and they are definitely a lot easier to get hooks out of, especially crank baits. Saves time when the bite is hot! The recommendations on depths mentioned are good to follow. One thing to watch out for if you are going to be fishing pike, the rubber stretches and it is possible for a northern to slide right through the rubber loops. I have seen this many times with fish up to four pounds or so. You just have to get the net over the sides of the boat a little quicker. I've never had it happen with an 'eye or bass...not sure if its the head shape, or just the fact that the pike are that much slimier.
  4. Seriously? On suckers, not fatheads? What size suckers?
  5. Thanks for the report, we are headed up in 6 days to fish with Chad, and I can't wait! I think I have every color and shape imaginable in my tackle box so we should be ready! Did you have more success with Fatheads or Shiners?
  6. Quite a few years ago on Diamond Lake I was fishing with my brother and he lost one of the old style wood rods down a hole. A little while later that day he was re-baiting or something by the same hole and he let out a "bad word usage." (as the site would say) I look over and see him plunge his arm down the hole, and then, up comes the rod and about a three pound northern on the business end. He saw his bobber float by the bottom of the ice, and across the hole, followed by the wood rod. I would never have believed it if I had not seen it!
  7. Zemp

    Fishing bets

    Originally Posted By: outdoor ranJust don't drink to much and leave your cards out while your sleeping for your buddies Who said anything about sleeping???
  8. Fish on.... This has been way too enjoyable of a read not to keep it going.... My name is Darren Zempel, but all my friends call me Z. I currently live in Owatonna MN. Grew up in the mighty town of Hector MN....all 1200 of us. I am like many other small townies...didn't like it a whole lot growing up, but am pretty proud of it now. It was a great area to grow up for hunting and fishing though, spent a lot of time on Diamond, Elizabeth and Green lakes and a lot of time duck hunting in the fields in the fall. There is no sound in the world like that of 100 mallards, wings cupped flying above you! My dad got me started fishing and hunting early, we spent a lot of time camping and fishing Winnie and Blackduck, when we weren't hitting home waters, and deer hunting in the Blackduck area where I still hunt. Went to college at the U in Minneapolis, where I met and roomed with Scott Fairbairn (some may recognize the name, a walleye tournament pro) who shared many of my interests so the fishing and hunting continued for those 5 years...or was it 6?!?!?? Moved to Owatonna in 96 after marrying my wonderful wife, Shelby. We've been married 11 years now, and have two daughters 7 and 5 who are starting to bug me all the time to take them ice fishing. I love it and can't wait to get them even more into fishing, and hopefully hunting...if they want to. I work as a manufacturing supervisor at SPX Corporation, formerly OTC. I didn't fish the lakes around here too much when I first moved here so, I'm still learning them, but I am finding them to be pretty similar to my home lakes which helps my success rate. Still trying to find a solid walleye lake close to home, but I'll get there! Other than the fishing and hunting I am an avid golfer and a HUGE Gopher hockey fan...this year has been TOUGH on me! Z
  9. Zemp

    Fishing bets

    So my two brothers, myself and brother-in-law are headed to Winnie this week for some fishing and bragging and probably a little boozing...not necessarily in that order! I get a little bored with the usual first fish, biggest fish bet so does anyone have any fun bets or games that they play to provide bragging rights to the best catcher?
  10. I worked with one of the gentleman. He was one of those fun loving friends that always brought a smile...it's a real shame to lose anybody to something so preventable. Its really a reminder..be smart out there! Buy a CO detector and ventilate, seems simple but its one of the last things thought about when we're trying to get lines in the water and fish on the hook. Keep them and their families in your prayers.
  11. Zemp

    Walleye Forage

    Originally Posted By: CrappieNutwow thats a good question, i may be stupid but i didn't think frogs were active this time of year must have been a nice size 'eye Actually it was about a 16 incher, great eating size, but nothing to brag about.
  12. Zemp

    Walleye Forage

    I managed to catch a few eater perch the other day and one walleye to boot, when I cleaned the 'eye there was a frog in its stomach partially digested! That got me to thinking...where would a fish pick up a frog this time of year? There was some green color with black spots visible on one leg so it had to be a live frog, any theories? I am thinking bait, maybe? But where would you get frogs for bait in the winter? So many questions......
  13. Go to the Minnesota Regional forums on this site. There is one specifically for the Cass Lake chain. Post your question there, and you will get your answers.
  14. I often hook my minnows underneath, often right through the crapper. I know it sounds cruel, but it seems to really make them swim against the hook and look like an injured baitfish---easy pickings for a predator. Surprisingly, it does not seem to affect their health any more than a hook through the back does. When these fish are looking at minnows hooked through the back all day long, this presentation gives them a different look and triggers strikes. Give it a try if the traditional way isn't working.
  15. Zemp

    head lamp

    Garrity makes a great one, I got it for Christmas. It has a high and low setting, plus a flasher setting. One really nice thing about it is it takes two watch type batteries, so it is more compact than the AA or AAA battery models. You can buy them at places like Home Depot, Lowes, and I would expect the major sporting goods stores would have them too. Hope that helps~
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