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  1. Leech - Yep, I am on your train of thought - Crosslake just happens to be "home base" (we keep our machines there), but we are in it for the snowmobiling and scenery, NOT the barhopping. I only get up there about twice a year for snowmobiling and often head away from the real "resorty" areas to the north, but haven't ventured particularly far...we'd like to go on some longer, all day type runs this time. That being said, maybe you can suggest a favorite route or destination that I've never tried - since I don't get up too often, I'm sure there are a bunch. Any particular towns you head toward for nice long runs? I always love hitting a new trail and seeing some new things and would welcome hearing about someone's favorite. Thanks all!
  2. Hi all - I was wondering if anyone has been out on the trails in the Crosslake or surroundng areas recently? A brother and a friend and I are thinking of heading up to Crosslake this coming weekend for riding there and in the widely surrounding area, but I have heard somewhat negative reports due to rain, etc. in the last 10 days or so. The trail reports by chambers of commerce and snowmobile clubs seem real hit and miss and I sometimes wonder if they'd really say if it was no good (as this would deter tourism!). Anyone have any recent, first hand accounts of the area? I don't need "perfect" conditions, but I don't want to force it and rail on the machines either. Any reports would be MUCH appreciated, including any updates if we get snow this week. Thanks all!
  3. Thanks for your helpful posts, all. I haven't done anything just yet, but your info will surely help me make the decision on what to do next... Thanks again.
  4. All - I have a 1989 Chev K1500 pickup with the 350 ci engine and 164,xxx miles. When the wheel is turned to near lock (in 2WD) and you allow the vehicle to roll, there is a popping noise that comes from the front of the vehicle. When in 4WD, just a little turn of the wheel will create the noise - it sounds horrible - and you can visually see the front wheels "jerking" when the pop noise occurs like there is binding going on internally. The faster you move, the higher the frequency of the noise (in 2 and 4WD). The 4WD works, but I don't trust it or use it anymore because of this. I have been told the CV axles may be worn out and in need of replacement. Does this sound like the problem? What do CV axles for this vehicle cost (parts only) and what would the average labor time be if I had a mechanic do the work? Thanks all, I am trying to figure out if I should fix or sell the truck as-is and move on. I have had it for many years and it has always been dead reliable. Thanks.
  5. Hey guys...thanks for the great ideas. I really appreciate the suggestions, thanks for helping a novice! RSM
  6. Hey all - I was wondering if anyone has any ideas of a "must have" or nice-to-have accessory or item for the motorcyle enthusiast for around the $30-35 range? I do not own a motorcycle, that is why I am asking for help in finding a gift for a buddy. Anything you have bought or received fit the price range and worth recommending for others? Thanks for any or all suggestions, if it's something more expensive by a little feel free to share that too. May jog the brain... Thanks all, RSM
  7. Thanks for all the good advice, all. I decided to tear it down and just give it a thorough cleaning - runs like a champ now, only took maybe a little over an hour start to finish. Actually did not note any real obvious gunk or gumming inside, but blasted pretty furiously at the main jet and the idle circuit until everything was obviously flowing nicely. A dealer who services Hondas said that Honda doesn't sell rebuild kits, so I just cleaned and put it back together. If I end up having to do it again for any reason down the road, will maybe look into the rebuild at that time. Thanks again.
  8. Do you think it needs re-building or maybe just to be torn down and thoroughly cleaned? It is a job I'd take on either way, I am a decent weekend mechanic if I put my mind to something and as long as I have time. Any special tools I would need for this?
  9. Just wanted to see if anyone has strong opinions one way or the other on the two common fuel stabilizers. I have always used Sta-bil, but for no particular reason. Has anyone had really bad luck with either product or swears by one for any particular reason? Thanks.
  10. Hey all. I have a 15 horsepower 4-stroke Honda that I've owned since 2004. It has always been a little finicky about idling way down, but the problem seemed to come and go. Now it seems to be the norm instead of the exception and has gotten to the point where you need to throw it into gear at higher throttle than feels good and then get on the throttle right away once in gear to keep it running. It is extremely frustrating, especially in current or heavy wind. I have always winterized it by running fuel with Sta-bil through it and then letting it run out of fuel; I fog the cylinders as well. I generally put Sta-bil in the gas as well because I use the boat/motor relatively infrequently. I have changed the plugs and shot carb cleaner down the intake before with no luck - any other ideas? Fuel filter? Anyone had bad luck with Sta-bil? Anyone had similar problem with same motor? Should I dig into the carb? I am close to bringing it in, but would like to make one more run at it. Thanks for your thoughts.
  11. 10-4, everybody. I hear you loud and clear. For this weekend I will play it safe and head over to Zone 2 where the main firearms season is over. But next weekend, it's back to the old haunts. Thanks for your input.
  12. I have sat out the last two weekends of grouse hunting in my usual areas for safety and in respect for firearms deer hunters only getting a handful of days to hunt eache year. BUT...I've got all the fall chores done and my patience is waning! Wondering if walking around in the woods on the last weekend of firearms hunting in this area would be safe or should I drive the extra miles to the West to get into Zone 2? The drive isn't the inconvenience, I just won't know the area as well. Overall, safety for myself and my dog are my top priorities, so I am looking for honest opinions - will deer hunter density be high in State Forests in Zone 1 this weekend? Will grouse hunting be an annoyance or considered inconsiderate? I am a novice grouser and haven't tried to hunt grouse during firearms deer season before. Your suggestions/opinions will be appreciated! Thanks.
  13. My buddy has a Rem 12 ga 870 Wingmaster with a 26" light-contour barrel and it is significantly lighter and better balanced than my 12 ga 870 Express with 28" standard barrel. I believe my gun is listed at 7.5# where his is advertised at 6.75#. Less front-heavy too. Makes a big difference for long days of walking...should be able to find one on the upper end of your price range.
  14. Thanks for the tip. My dog has been innoculated for Lyme's, so I guess I'll just worry about getting Lyme's myself!! That would put a damper on the hunting season. Anyway, how did that play out with your dog, were they able to cure it or did it lead to permanent damage/lameness?
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