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  1. MntkaFishin

    Archery Hunting Photos

    Awesome deer, hope I see something like that this weekend.
  2. MntkaFishin

    Anchor size

    I agree, a fork anchor will solve most issues. It has the two pieces on the sides that digs in, which are shaped liked spikes with the middle piece attached to the rope. Just be careful around rocks.
  3. MntkaFishin

    Hole Hopping

    Most of my winter fishing is done with only a small sled that carries my vex, auger, a couple poles, a small tackle box, and my Frabill sit-n-fish that I sit on and carry bait. Most of time I'm kneeling when I'm fishing as I jump from hole to hole. This allows me to stay free as I move down break-lines and humps. It can be cold, but it's a fast and light way to find active feeders.
  4. MntkaFishin

    What goes up in the stand with you?

    I agree with the guys, a good book is great, otherwise I find myself being anxious and looking at every snap of a twig, and a good book allows me to limit that movement. Just make sure it's a good book.......
  5. MntkaFishin

    Cool wolf pics and shooter deer?

    Great pics! Always fun to see nature being nature!
  6. MntkaFishin

    Where to shoot?

    The "Ponds Park" in PL had a small archery range last year by the baseball diamonds, and I do mean small, if I remember correctly it was like 3 stations. Park by the baseball diamonds and it was like a 500 foot walk.
  7. MntkaFishin

    What irritates you most on ice?

    Trying to tie a knot with 2 pd. test in the dark with my johnsonville brat fingers, in this situation I usually get to work on my 4-letter words.
  8. MntkaFishin

    I was rudely awakened last night at Midnight..

    6AM alarm clock....1.5 hr commute to work...yea, I'd rather have that to wake up to.
  9. 150"-160"-170", who cares it's a heck of a deer. Nice job.
  10. MntkaFishin

    160" deer my brother rattled in

    VERY nice deer.
  11. MntkaFishin

    Butcher Shop around Henderson, or southwest metro?

    Perfect guys, thanks for all of the responses.
  12. Can anyone recommend a butcher shop around Henderson or the southwest metro? Due to the fact that I'm in the process of moving I won't be able to do my own this year...
  13. CC - I put 2 new plugs in and a tank of fresh gasoline and it's ran like a charm ever since. Made a personal note to always use fresh gas in the spring.
  14. The boat has been sold, thanks for interest ********************************************* I'm selling the boat due to lack of time. The specs are as follows: - 1978 Lund Troller - 1979 25 hp Evinrude - 1979 Highlander bunk trailer with bearing buddies w/lifetime plates & spare tire - 46 lb Minnkota stern mounted trolling motor w/marine battery - Eagle FishEasy - Wave Wackers - 3 pedestal seats - Live well - Bilge pump - 6 gallon gas tank - Running lights - Lifejackets - anchor - boat cover - battery charger - AM/FM Radio The inside of this boat has been completely re-done to include a casting deck, rod storage, and additional storage capacity in the bow. New tires and paint in the spring of 2007. The boat has been stored inside, along with annual maintenance. Great boat for a first timer to learn from. Pics available upon request. Price: $2,000 Contact info: [email protected] 612-910-0277 ask for Brad
  15. MntkaFishin

    Favorite Football Foods to Cook

    Chilli and nachos for the first half and homemade pizza for the second half, along with cold-ones is the only way to go.