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  1. Garmin 76csx with lakemaster chip kicks butt. Puts me right where I want to be. Also gps works great in very thick woods of superior national forest.
  2. Want to take my son out fishing tomorrow and I need to rent a boat. Anybody know of a place near lakeville mn [email protected]
  3. cheap suits are a waste of money. Spend the money and get a good suit and you will be thankful. get something that bresthes and is comfortable. I have had my suit for 10 years got it at bass pro shop and it isgoing to last 10 more
  4. Yep, just took it apart and cleaned off and they work fine.
  5. I have two fl-8's and the same problem now with both. Turn the unit on and I have red light completely around the circle display. Has anybody ever had this happened? Do the brushes need to be replaced? It is not the battery that I know. Thanks
  6. Fish lake bait in harris has them. Does the Gulp work? I have some just have not used it
  7. do you still have the cabinets? If so, I will take them.
  8. Yes, or you can apply for a different lease
  9. Is your lease question for me, not sure because my original post has been hijacked. Anyhow, go to the Potlatch web site and check for available leases. There are not many here but there will be more next spring. We currently lease 120 acres and pay them $800 for the year. You have to apply for the lease and then wait to see if you get picked, but it is a good deal from an economical standpoint.
  10. Maybe, but we had heard wolves before that also.
  11. Hey, I just started leasing Potlatch land this year. Leasing 120 acres in St. Louis County near Embarrass. Had trail cameras set up and I had gotten a ton of pics in 4 different locations. Since bowhunting opened we have not seen anything. Trail cameras as well are now getting hardly any pics. Was there this past weekend and I did not see any fresh deer sign at all. Just curious if anybody might know something we don't. Deer movement, sighting and sign seems to have stopped right after my buddy started baiting for bear which he could not hunt anyway. Any suggestions, long drive for the disappearing deer.
  12. I tried to sell some things and mistakenly chose the items wanted. How can I change that to for sale instead. My email is [email protected] Thanks for your help.
  13. I started ice fishing for trout last year. So far I have only gone to Grindstone and have had pretty limited success. I am probably going to try Square yet this year. Is there a seasonal or daily pattern to fishing for them? I mean atleast with Walleyes or panfish I can usually figure out a pattern and find fish but Trout seem to have no rhyme or reason as to where they will be at any given time. Either that or I am just frustrated after another day of going out and catching one fish in the first 10 minutes and not seeing anything the rest of the day. Thanks
  14. 9-ML-157875-ML- Moved to Equipment Expert info Forum.
  15. I just bought a new 3hp Jiffy auger at Gander Mtn. and the thing will not stay running. Anybody else have a similar problem?
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