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  1. I have a lot of tackle that I would like to donate to children's fishing group or something similar. I have no idea how to find such a group or if one even exists. Can someone point me in the right direction?
  2. brknrn

    Power Pole or Talon?

    I was agonizing over the decision myself and after talking to two people on the Minn-Kota prostaff that told me to go with Power Pole I made my decision. The Talon's have a problem because they are telescopic and the pole retreats back in to the unit. As a result, you are introducing mud in to the unit. Once the mud hardens they stop working. I know at least one other Minn-Kota pro staffer that spent a good part of the summer with both of his Talon's in for service. Although you do have to find the space to mount the pumps the Power Pole gets my nod.
  3. Been to Angler's Inn 3 times. It is everything you could want and more. My wife and I have caught 6 fish over 10 lbs with the biggest being 11-12. Here is a pic of a 9-6 and 9-9 double. What a blast!! I can't wait to go back!
  4. I want to say thank you to Jim for putting us on the fish this weekend. For anyone considering a fall trip: Leave your boat and gear at home and meet Jim at the landing! He is a great guide and a great person. Fishing was unbelievable!!!
  5. We are looking at renting a cabin in the upper peninsula for a weekend with another family for just a get away weekend. I was hoping that I might be able to steer the group towards a smallmouth lake. That way I can bring the boat and I can "get away" too! Does anybody have any suggestions for good summer smallmouth waters in the U.P.? Northern Wisconsin and Northern MN are also an option. I'm not looking for secret spots just a recommendation where we could rent a cabin, relax, and catch some smallies! I prefer to stay off of the Great Lakes. Thanks!
  6. brknrn

    Fishing old Mexico

    The drug wars are going on at the border for drug trafficing routes. When you go to a place like el salto they pick you up at the airport in mazatlan and drive you to the gated resort within a few miles of the lake. Some resorts are right on the lake. Don't you think drug dealers have something better to do than hunt down fisherman? These trips are all inclusive and are paid for in advance. The only need for cash is to tip the staff. What are they going to do, attack the fishing resort and steal your senkos?? We just went to El Salto in April and someone from my pregnant wifes work actually told her we better not go because they might attack her and cut the baby out of her stomach. So you tell me, are they crazier here or there?
  7. brknrn

    Fishing old Mexico

    Anywhere from $1000 to $2000 per person plus airfare. Around the 2nd week of May the fishing gets unbelievable at El Salto. The commercial nets come out around May 1st. Stays that way until July if you can handle the heat. The rainy season is usually late July until October.
  8. Does anybody know what the launches are like on N/S Center? Also, What is it like going through the channel?
  9. The round knob on the handle side of the baitcaster is used to tighten up the spool with pressure. If you are getting backlashes early in your cast tighten this knob. When making adjustments to this knob make very small adjustments. A good starting point is to push the button and hold the spool with your thumb, let go of the spool and let your lure hit the floor, if you get a backlash when the lure hits the floor it is too loose. If you the lure won't fall on it's own it is too tight. The centrifugal brake system is on the opposite side of the handle and is inside the reel. Typically if you are seeing backlashes at the very end of your cast you should adjust the centrifugal system. To access this on a new chronarch there is a small lever on the opposite side of the handle. Flip this lever and the side plate should pop open. The older chronarchs have a plate that you flip and then unscrew to open it up. Once it is open you should see 6 plastic weights that are equally spaced apart. Think of this as a figure skater. When a figure skater is spinning, if they have their arms in tight to their body they will spin faster. If their arms are stretched outward from their body they spin slower. If all the pegs are in (arms-in) it will spin fast. If all the pegs are out (arms-out) it will spin slower. Start with all of the weights pulled out (they snap in to place but still have a little movement). When you start to cast consistantly without backlashes you can move the weights in. Start with two at a time and make sure they are opposite each other to maintain spool balance. When you change lure types or sizes you will need to make adjustments. You've already noticed that spoons seem to cast the best. The heavier, more aerodynamic the lure is, the easier it is to cast. Unfortunately you are the only one that can set the reel up because everyone has a different casting technique and every lure is different. The more proficient you become the more you can loosen it up. The more you can loosen it up the longer you will be able to cast. Hope this helps.
  10. If you are implying that I never smile for pictures, that is also a Major complaint from the wife. LOL
  11. brknrn

    Drop Shot Rods

    I almost never use light tackle and when I think Medium Light I immediately think "walleye gear". Will the medium light be too light for larger fish, say 4+ lbs?
  12. brknrn

    Drop Shot Rods

    I am trading in a St. Croix Rod and I need a new drop shot rod. I am thinking a Medium or Medium Light Xtra Fast. What do you guys think?
  13. The 520 and 522 DO NOT have shallow water mode unless you install the BETA hardware update. I have been having the problem of losing bottom with my unit for 2.5 years now. I am on my 4th unit and 3rd transducer with ZERO results. On my last unit I installed the BETA udpate and it locked the unit up completely - Blank screen. The contact I have been working with at Lowrance is Linda Colt. I don't know if it is OK to post her email on this site but if I get the approval I will. I haven't used Private Messaging on here but if you send me a message I am sure I can figure it out and get you her information.
  14. Approximate cost per person was 2,200 including airfare. There are other outfitters nearby that you could do for 1,500 to 1,600 easily. We fished for 3.5 days. We towed the boat to Texas last month and spent almost $1000 per person. In Texas we caught around 15-20 fish and our biggest fish was 6 lbs 6 oz. Trips are all inclusive - Guide, lodging, meals, open bar, transportation to and from airport, etc. You can even use their rods and reels if you would like. Bring your own tackle. The water is so low now (it must be down 25-30 feet) that they are thinking June and July might end up being some of the best months ever. Rainy season starts sometime in July. If you were ever going to take the wife fishing this is the place to do it. I never had to lift a finger to help her re-tie, get unsnagged, get backlashes out, etc. On second thought I guess it was time consuming having her with...I had to take ALOT of pictures!
  15. We used Angler's Inn. Although it is more expensive than some of the others, it is a first class operation. I think the spawn down there is closer to February but I am not sure.
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