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  1. Bill, I know of a place in montrose who did rentals only not sure if they still offer them. The name is English Brothers Welding /Polaris.You might be better off loking for someone in Gunnison first.Its a little more on your way.Im pretty sure youll find someone there.Let me know when your coming this way and maybe we can hook-up.I try to fish every weekend ,if I can, during the ice season.I thought of fishing some different lakes ,some with walleyes,but not to sure where the best would be.Need to try more in the summer to get familiar with some other lakes but it always seems I work too much to really get far from home.Anyway, pray for SUB-ZERO weather . FISH ON
  2. Just a hop,skip and jump for me .I can be there in about 45 minutes or less.Theres still alot of open water on the west end of the lake.Sure wish I had a smaller boat with an outboard cause I'd fish it until it was hard water.Its a fun lake for trolling. FISH ON
  3. Frozen toes How long does the battery last? have you used it at night ?? Im thinking about 1 myself but was concerned with battery life
  4. John, Its about 3 to 4 hrs ,depending on roads and how you drive ,and thats from west denver. Somedays the macs can be real slow and others real hot.Maybe its just me ,ive only recently started fishing for them,about 5 years ,and I think there is fairly good learning curve.They can just be real picky sometimes at the Blue.But the thought of a 45 pound hog keeps my interest peaked pretty well. FISH ON
  5. Icer, Did you happen to fish the mouth of the canyon west of old stevens creek?If so how thick was the ice there? It looks like pretty new ice.We've have had some sucsess there early in the year for mac's. The ice is going to start making fast with a little cold weather thats hitting us now. We need the snow bad because there not much left.If you go out take your cleats or skates Trying to get back mid to late week to the Blue,Work permiting.
  6. Thanks for the info. You guys have been a great help. No one out here seems to use alot of flashers,just sonars, So I dont have much input from the locals around here. sure would hate to freeze up my boat sonar.The flashers seem like they would take the cold a little better anyway. I am so envious of you guys with all the walleye fishing you can do.Our lakes on the western slope never warm up enough to support the walleye very well(I guess thats why we dont have any around).The lake I mainly fish never got above 69 degrees this past summer.
  7. So will both the vex and marcum show me suspended fish pretty well?? I would prefer to see the bottom first and foremost but would like to get the unit that gives me a good view of as much of the water column as possible.
  8. Paul, There seemed to be a little lag time in the movement of the bar on the graph in relationship to me moving the jig.Just a split second though.Sounds like the flasher can give you a little better heads up than the Sonar will, more of a real time unit. Is there a huge difference between the Lx3 and the Lx1 or the fl 18 and the fl 8?? Should I opt for the Higher Watts?? Alot of the lakes I fish have some pretty hard and rocky areas and are very deep. Again any advice is greatly appreciated!!
  9. Dan, Sounds like the marcum might be better suited for my needs here.The mackinaw are always coming in within a few feet of the bottom if not on the bottom.you hardly ever see them coming in higher up in the water column in hard water season. Im using a X97 lowrance now but thought that the Narrower beam(on the flasher) might be better than turning up my sensitivity(on my sonar)?? Isnt that supposed to widen your beam in degrees, up to 60 Degrees, which would make you lose your target seperation(with a sonar)? Am I on the right path here?Thanks for your input!
  10. Hey Fella's Which of the 2 flashers would perform the best in deep water?I fish mainly for lake trout and they are normally a 40' to 60' deep fish in the winter here.I had been using a sonar in the past but I am leaning towards a flasher now.My sonar does have a flasher mode that I was playing with over the weekend and I really liked it.I could see my jig about 6 to 7 inches up from the bottom in about 50 to 60'of water.Are the flashers that much better or is it the colored Graph and clarity that really makes them the unit of choice back there?
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