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  1. Thanks surface for the info. I thought a few years ago guys were doing different things to break them in
  2. Hey guys i just got a nils auger and was wondering the best way to break it in before using?
  3. Thanks Del cant believe I couldn't find anything
  4. I was wondering if anybody knew how much a 1988 Johnson 25 hp outboard weighs. I've looked online and haven't had any luck finding an answer. TIA
  5. It will be fine. I wrap and bring them up to 200-205 all the time. If it didn't get wrapped, that I don't know. I think it will be fine
  6. It was a maytag Neptune and it was loud and always smelled. It came with the house we bought and we just didn't like it from day 1. Kept it around till it broke.
  7. Washing machine just broke down thank god (was a complete pile) and now am replacing it. Any experience with a top load basic, durable machine. Don't want anything to do with a front load, that's what we had and hated it. Thanks Brian
  8. Sounds like it would benefit lakes statewide to be managed the same way. Good luck getting the keep everything crowd and the spearers to get on board.
  9. Is it possibly a exhaust manifold leak? Sound just like my 2001 6.0 engine. Noise gets a little quiter after the engine warms up and the gasket seals a little better.
  10. Never stored any of them inside. Even store gulp alive outside and never had any problems.
  11. The nationals come and play 2games in St.Louis and then the rest of the games are in Washington. So technically they still have a home field advantage.
  12. The motor is never stored or trailered in a raised position. The gas is non oxy and doesn't appear to have water in it. The motor starts and runs ok but the longer it runs it starts to run rough. If it sits for awhile it will be hard to start (kind of a pain when long way from launch). When looking at the plugs I just put in, it had a spot which was about a 1/4 of the face of the plug. Other plugs that have been in longer will have a larger area coated in what appears to be oil/gas? Thanks for the help, I'm trying to work on it between work and kids. Brian
  13. It fouls the plugs right away. I just replaced the plugs and I did no trolling and very little idleing and the plugs have a wet spot. It is not the whole plug but about a quarter of it. Both plugs have the same oil? mark on them. The plugs are gapped to .40 like the service manual says and it is the listed plug per the manual also. The motor is always down so I don't think that could be causing the problem. This is a little annoying. Its hard to trust it when sometimes its a pain to get running.
  14. It smells and looks like gas/oil. If it's gas/oil, what could be causing it?
  15. I think I found the problem. It appears my kids were playing in the truck and hit a button for aux lamps. The truck doesn't have aux lamps so I didn't even think about that. Found that it leaves a indicator light on when I went out to unhook the battery charger that night. Thanks guys for the ideas.
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