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  1. So with this never ending winter and snow storm hitting Baudette I'm not going up this week to fish walleyes. What are some of your favorite and best spring walleye bodies of water within 7 hours of the metro? fox river, Missouri River in chamberlain South Dakota? I have the time off would love to get out fishing. And I have thought of pool 4 but it's gonna rain here pretty hard the next couple days. Thanks Iceman
  2. I was told that you are allowed to if you have all the correct licenses and remote bordering pass that you can fish on the Canadian side and keep your two fish then come back to the US side and keep two fish. is that true? ill have my remote bordering pass anyways for easy travel but are you allowed to keep two limits with two licenses? iceman
  3. thanks guys I was out last night and couldn't find that page that had the link compatible units. im gonna add my 858 until I can swap out the HD10's with 1198's. looking forward to having the link in the boat! iceman
  4. Just bought a new Larson 2020 loaded to the gills. But it has the ipilot link on it and 2 HD10's. I have a humminbird 858 with just Sonar and GPS. Will that link up with the ipilot or do I need to get a different unit? Thank you Iceman
  5. this year i got the week of opening fishing off in Wisconsin. gonna be heading out to winnebago. just wondering what to expect. what kind of lake is it? what kind of sturcture so look for. not looking for hot spots just what to keep an eye out for. thanks for any help. iceman
  6. looking to sell my 2005 70 HP suzuki 4 stroke. but i have no clue what its worth is there a blue book or somthing like that for boat motors? iceman
  7. i will be picking it up at the Muskie Expo in april. cant wait!!!! and i will post pics for sure. iceman
  8. sure didnt wanna leave to come home. i called over to LAX yesterday and made my order for a replica cant wait to get it. iceman
  9. 4 years ago when i started chasing muskies and really gettin serious i put a cigar in one of my muskie boxes to smoke on my first fish 50+. well 4 years later that cigar was smoked and it didnt taste to bad either.we started the night out by trying to stay away from crowds but with the full moon just a day away and it being on a weekend the east side looked like opening weekend so we went for a long boat ride out to some rocks and thought we would troll around rock piles. first rock pile we got to didnt even get half way around it and bam she hit. could tell she was big right away with the size of the head shakes. got it in the net and she spit the hooks. pulled her out and got the measurments and went to put her back in the water and i could believe how long it took her to swim away. iceman
  10. PB 54.5" friday night out on mille lacs. what a night that was. iceman
  11. just got back from mille lacs. trolled all weekend and got my PB. 54.5" 26" girth. for some reason i cant get the pic to work. iceman
  12. iceman16

    Mn Wolf

    i pulled a tag!!!!!! it says area A zone A. i found area A is for the early season but where is zone A? isnt the zones either 100 or 200? iceman
  13. If there is anyone looking to go up but doesn't have a boat. Shoot me a email. I'll be up at the wigwam on Wednesday afternoon. Could always use a net man! Ha ha ha email me we can figure it out. I'll be coming from neater falls so we wouldn't be able to car pool. Iceman
  14. I'll be the solo angler in a red ranger 617. Can't wait to get up there. Heading to neater falls from Sunday to Wednesday and then rainy river for monster sturgeon. Can't wait! Iceman
  15. well everyone in my group bailed.... will that stop me from coming up? heck no ill be at wigwam wed-sunday! see ya all up there iceman
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